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Our Free Wedding Planners

Lipstick 'n Boots has two extensive planners that will assist the bride and groom in creating a memorable wedding and honeymoon on a tight budget.

The Planning Phase

Before you launch out into the deep water take a few special and very important moments to float some ideas past your intended....

The Wedding Planner - Plan #1 - How to plan a simple, formal, elegant wedding and honeymoon for fifty guests for about $300.

The Wedding Planner - Plan #2- Debra and Kevin are our fictitious second couple. They were engaged on Valentine's Day and have opted for a Spring wedding in April.

Their wedding date is set for a Thursday evening and invitations for fifty guests have been sent....

My Recipe for Unleavened Bread - Very quick & easy to prepare. Unleavened bread holds symbolic significance in the Holy Bible.

Meanings of Colors & Numbers in the Holy Bible - The Bible is symbolic; this Christian article explains what numbers and colors generally mean in the reading of the Holy Word.

Have You Ever Been Asked: "Are you a Christian?" - A minister's response.

The Christian Bench Warmer - Warm OR on Fire for God?

Christians & Health Issues - The foresight to look and take care of our living temple.

Christians, Pinched for Time - Focusing on things that matter, particularly family.

A Christian Poem, Life Over Death - This Christian Poem is a reflection of life over death.

God, Man, Music - King David, the apple of God's eye....

The 12 Tribes of Israel - The meanings of the names of the 12 Tribes....

Biblical Foods, Their Powers & Meanings


Welcome to Lipstick 'n Boots

Home of totally free stories, including love stories, romance stories, westerns and thrillers.....

All of our web books are totally free to read, written by a professional writer. If you enjoy this website and wish to read more stories, then we invite you to visit our sister site Trinity Moon.  Simply follow the story-links within this page to begin your reading adventure. And please share us with your friends and family. Happy reading!


Free Love Stories & Romance Stories

Lady & the Marshall - JR Schooner is the meanest man in Seven Hills, Texas. But after taking a nasty fall which requires the help of his long-lost niece, is there a chance for redemption? A humorous heartwarming short romance story by Willow Windsong.

Butterfly & the Scorpion - Little Frankie needs a mama and is willing to go to any length to get his wish. This humorous short story romance is set in the old west....

Mail Order Cowboy - A 'comedy-of-errors' Christian romance set in the old west.

The Switch - A humorous short story romance set in the old west....

Red August Moon - Set in the old west. Marshall Rance Kincade is headed home on the stage with a beautiful woman who has captured his interest. But a couple of murdering thieves have other plans for the Marshall and his companion...

Shadow of the Wolf - The Cherokee village has been hit hard with the fever and Snow Fairchild is Chief Siracco's only hope for survival.....

Moon Over Montana- Lena Anderson attempts to escape the ghosts of her past by taking a job in Montana. She didn't plan on getting stranded in the middle of No Man's Land. Fortunately, rancher Jack Saints rescues her - but can he rescue her broken heart?

The Haunted Ranch - Two unlikely travelers become stranded in a snowstorm and are guided to safety by a white wolf. Will love also find its way?

Strawberry Moon - Set in the Old West. When a mail-order bride doesn't pan out, will an unlikely substitute do?

Red Hot Poker - A humorous western romance story. Cranky horse rancher Rob meets happy morning person Kelly. He's in need of a mother for his daughter after his wife runs off with her BFF and Kelly appears to be perfect 'mother material'. But he soon realizes that perhaps he needs Kelly more so than his little girl.

The Wild Ride - Sometimes, it's not always a smooth ride on the highway to love...

Renegade Cowboy - A humorous western romance by American author, Willow Windsong.

Against the Wind - Never give up on true love.....

3 Miles to Paradise - Glove maker Mary Lamb thinks she is too old for romance, but Cupid has other ideas....

Two Moons - Horse Rancher Colt McCreeden's gut feeling is telling him that he shouldn't have veered off the trail leading to Featherstone Falls, opting to side-step his journey at Three Rivers. Will the trail lead to regret or true love? This story is set in the old west.

Bride of Inglenook - A three time loser at love, will Rose strike out as a mail order bride?

Deadman's Corner - Set in the old west. The lives of two young men are placed at Feather Fairsky's mercy. Can she return them safely to their uncle before the kidnappers uncover her plan of deception? (37 pages)

Cold Moon - When Ana returns home after three years away, can the broken bridge be mended between her and her former fiance, Chance? It can is kid sister Bunny has something to say about things.... (22 pages)


The Rancher's Wife - Can Mary find love as a mail order bride? (11 pages)

Jaded Moon - Two brothers, two stories that lead to true love. (79 pages)

Murder at Wolfmoon Ranch - a Free Suspense Mystery Romance - Christmas Day.The old man was dead.The kitchen knife was dripping with fresh blood, still warm as Jack Bryant had succumbed to the Grim Reaper mere seconds ago...

Million Dollar Bimbo - When Willow saves Zane's ranch from a black widow's scam, he is furious that she foiled what he'd considered the deal of a lifetime. But once he learns that the sweet deal was the kiss of death he's sent reeling - trying to repair the damage between himself and the lovely Willow....

Medicine Woman - After Cate saves the life of a young boy from his kidnapper, she unselfishly agrees to return him to his Navajo village to reunite with his father, Ahiga. She has no inkling what will greet her once they arrive, certainly never contemplating that she might find love awaiting. (27 pages)

Rich & Ugly - Can cowboy Clyde McCord repair an eighteen year mistake with the lovely, mysterious Bella? (10 pages)

The Ice Princess - A Victorian cottage, a bottle of wine, a roaring fire - all the elements for romance.  Yet how could Kate feel anything but contempt for her husband after seeing him locked in a passionate embrace with a woman young enough to be his daughter?

The Cowboy From Santana - A short story (15 pages); life is indeed ever changing, particularly when Raven meets the cowboy from Santana....

Love is a Goat Head Sticker Patch - Sasha and Jules have known one another since childhood yet he has no idea that she is in love with him. When Sasha sees his intended bride locked in an embrace with another man, she is conflicted to share her secret, risking her relationship with the only man she knows she'll ever love.  (17 pages)

Index of Free Love Stories - Be sure to click the links at the bottom of the page to continue to the next page of the story.

The Secret - A short love story set in the Old West. (13 pages)

The Range Rider - Love coupled with suspicion - troubling bedfellows... (82 pages)

Maiden Sky - Love always finds a way... (31 pages)


Echoes of Love  - She'd traveled half-way round the globe to find love.... (49 pages)

Lion of the Hills  - A short romance story - for love or money? (34 pages)

Thunderhead  - The short romance has a twist. (60 pages)

Ghost Heart - A western romance, short love story. (11 pages)

The Love Bug - A short romance story set amid the Christmas holidays.  (13 pages)

Fair Game  - Ginger Gingerbread - an ace reporter caught in a twisted web of suspense, danger and romance. (24 pages)

Tohelluride - When Matt's wheat crop gets burned to a cinder by his foreman's enchilada-eating dog, he ponders how he can face the beautiful loan officer at the bank. Lucky for Matt that Cupid's standing watch.... (10 pages)

Reckless Surrender - A short romance story. Can Tia learn to trust again?  (10 pages)

Vampire, Werewolf & Ghost Stories - Our collection of vampire, ghost, gypsy & werewolf stories.  Vampire Article Vault

SAMPLES OF DEAR JOHN LETTERS & DEAR JANE LETTERS:  Dear John Letters | Dear Jane Letters | Vain Jane Advice | More Advice From Vain JaneBambie, Dear in Headlights | The Hex - Confronting the Ex-Girlfriend Issue

My Original Poems

Original Poems - If you enjoy reading poems you may enjoy this section of Lipstick 'n Boots.

Poems About Photography | Church Poems | Poems About Witches | Poems About Death | Flight of the Vampire | Nature Poems

The Dust - perhaps my most favorite poem that I've written. It's about a skeleton seeking justice from the grave....

Campfire Cooking - Recipes for the campfire - marshmallows may be required.

Big Tex Goes Up in Flames - We have some of the last images before this famous tall, tall Texan turned into a set of fire logs...

God Wants You, So Does Satan - Repentance & resisting the pull of Satan.....

Building a Life You Can Be Proud Of - Evil is so tempting, but Good is so rewarding....

Have We Become Immune to Sin? - Has mankind's belief of sin evolved from God's 10 Commandments?

Humor & Lessons in the Book of Samuel - Examples of God's grace, mercy & payment for the aftermath of rebellion.....

Christmas From Times Past, 1960's - It was a very different era....

What Was Bible School Like in the 1960's? - My father built a whale....

What Was Church Like in the 1960's? - So much different from today's services....

Has Christian Worship Evolved Into Entertainment? - Productions over worship....

Eucharist, Women Servers & Pocketing the Bread - So much different from today's services....

Bible Misprints - Printing mistakes in Bibles of earlier times....

The Tree of Knowledge, The Crucifixion - The symbolic connection of wood in the Bible....

Samson, the Bad Haircut - God's avenges Samson....

I See Jesus - Stephen's struggles & his triumphant victory.

Christians & Hidden Talents - You may not consider yourself talented - but you have many God-Given hidden talents that you can use in your every-day life.....

Need to tell a few extra pounds to take a hike? Then you'll love this reading spot...

Stories about vampires, werewolves, ghosts and gypsies....


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