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Free Love Story by Sharen Taylor Griffin: 3 Miles to Paradise, Page 1

A Western Romance Story


The woman was a spider – a wolf spider, Ty decided as he narrowed the dark eyes at the raging female. She was dangerous enough to make a man exercise a bit of caution, but not quite deadly. Then again, maybe she was as she had threatened to shoot his horses on sight if they ambled onto her property – all two-hundred and twenty-five of them.

Mrs. Eunice Garfield. The woman had driven through the gates of the ranch as if she owned the place. And when he’d cordially told her that he didn’t have time to visit – that he and his cowboys had to get back to repairing the fence so the corralled horses could graze freely, she had turned into one twisted sister – her anger ruptured.

The woman was so hostile that spit was flying out of her mouth, a large full mouth outlined in bright red lipstick which brought clown thoughts to Ty’s tired and ragged brain, the eight-hour drive finally driving a nail into his otherwise-sharp mind – a rusty nail at that.

His five cowboys were standing by the fence looking at her like a bunch of white-faced cattle, their gloved hands full of devil wire, their mouths gaped open like electrocuted fledglings as she continued her hissy fit while the herd of two-hundred and twenty-five danced restlessly in the short distance anchored inside a temporary holding pen.

They’d been planted there for the past three hours – since Ty had arrived late afternoon from Lubbock to begin his life anew in Whiskey, Texas. Chalk up yet one more mistake to his illustrious life, he silently mocked.


‘My husband Dick will be over here directly! You’ll be sorry that you ever set foot in this town! And after he gets through with you, I’ll turn my father loose on you! He’s the local judge,’ she informed, lifting her head so far back that Ty was certain that she had experienced whiplash – although he couldn’t possibly be that lucky.

 And then she was tearing up the dirt road exiting from the pasture where they were working to the main road leading back to her nest next door - leaving the six of them coughing as they fought a thick cloud of dust.

‘Ya couldn’t pay me to work for that woman, much less be married to it,’ his hired hand Harvey eased out through the sudden silence, once their coughing finally ceased although the air was still heavily laden with dust.

‘Yep – she’s wild behind the wheel, too,’ cowboy Ames drawled in agreement. ‘Literally,’ he added in thoughtful retrospect as the other cowboys nodded in unspoken approval. ‘You don’t see many women driving  race cars. Why it’s a known fact – women can’t drive,’ he tacked on for good measure.


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