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Set in the Old West, Texas Territories

A Love Story Written by Willow Windsong


The kid was pretending to bawl, the pretty lady stranger on her knees attempting to console him....

Mercantile owner Jeffry Thomas peered over the counter, elbows on top, resting his head in his wing-formed hands.

Viewing the scene before him, he had to inwardly chuckle. Little Frankie St. Johns was putting on an act to beat the band and the pretty lady stranger was buying it - hook, line and sinker.

"Please don't cry," Kia soothed to the crying youngster. As a doctor, she was accustomed to dealing with distraught children.

Drawing her lace handkerchief from her paisley carpetbag she dabbed away the tears on the little guy's face. He was adorable - blond hair and blue eyes that looked so much like her own. They could have passed for mother and son.

She surmised that he was about six years old. An unhappy six years old - and his unhappiness had to do with his good-for-nothing papa.

"He's so mean to me!" the little boy protested, his body jerking as he battled his fake tears. "Sent me here - all by myself to fetch supplies. Whiskey and s-smokes. And-and bullets," he boldly lied.

Kia gasped, her blue eyes widening in utter disbelief.

The stories she'd heard from her brother Lane had been horrifying at times, shocking at times - unbelievable at times, but obviously he'd been a straight shooter. The town of Seven Hills, Texas was exactly as he'd depicted.

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