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King David wrote the Book of Psalms, a collection of beautiful messages that can be evoked into every era in history. They are indeed timeless.  

King David was not only a writer, a composer and a musician, he was also a pretty wild dancer. But that got him in a bit of trouble with a few of the townspeople. Just too much happy for some. And we must remember that back in Biblical times, they weren't privy to modern day conveniences. That often made for a cranky bunch of people....

King David's life is one of the Biblical stories that is elaborated on from beginning to the end. He was indeed the apple of God's eye. Even so, King David's life was so full of sorrow that many times overtook his joyous nature.

King David's music must have certainly offered him comfort.

There is  something about music; it can make you laugh, make you cry, make you even think about a certain thing in a different way. Music is indeed one of the most powerful fuels available to Christians. Its power is ageless.

I never could sing a lick; although I can carry a tune, it's nothing that anyone would want to hear. I think that I'm like most people; certainly not choir material.  I certainly do not have the voice of an angel, but indeed - I love to sing to give Praise to God on High!

But whether we have the voice of an angel or a howling dog, God loves us to have a spring in our step and a song in our heart. It just makes life more fun!

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