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The 12 Tribes of Isarel & Their Meanings

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It is interesting to read about Jacob's 'blessings' that he bestowed upon his sons on his death bed.

Here is a summary of what can be found in Genesis, Chapter 49.

- Ruben, the firstborn, the beginning of Jacob's strength yet would not excel.

- Simeon and Levi, instruments of cruelty; Jacob cursed their anger and their wrath.

-  Judah; blessed fully.

- Zebulun, a haven for ships.

- Issachar, strong, servant unto tribute.

- Dan; a judge to his people.

- Gad; overcome, but will again overcome.

- Asher; bread shall be fat; yield royal dainties.

- Naphtali; giveth goodly words.

- Jacob; the fruitful bough.

- Benjamin; raven as a wolf.

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