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Christians, Hidden & Obvious Talents

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King Solomon was wise to choose to be wise! King David reverberated a capability of natural leadership and was a well-honed musician and writer. Samson held superhuman strength.

All of these are great talents that were well-put to use for God. Have you got a hidden talent? Although many talents can be identified at a glance such as musical talents and art talents, many may be hidden.  

But what about these hidden talents?  You may not have the talent of playing a musical instrument, or you may not have an acoustical singing voice, or you may not be able to paint a masterpiece on a cathedral ceiling, but you indeed do have talents!  Let's see if we can define a few hidden talents.

Do you make people around you feel good by making them smile? You have a hidden talent. Do you find that often times, people come to you when they are in need? You have a hidden talent, a comforting spirit (and just maybe an empty pocketbook).

Do you often settle arguments? Then you have a hidden talent, in addition to being a peacemaker.  

Do you give time to your church? Then you have a hidden talent, the talent of giving.

Do you help arrange events at your church? Do you bring home-baked goodies to church functions? Do you visit the sick? These are all hidden talents.

Whenever God uses you to bless another, or when you do something in secret because you love God, you are using a talent.  A child may not always grow up to mirror the parents, just as a Christian may not always make the choices set forth in the Bible. Nonetheless, examples do influence our lives and provide guidance. There is none finer than the Christian Example.

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