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God's Salvation: They say that nothing is free anymore, but have we Christians got news for those folks!  Salvation is not only the best freebie in the world, it's one that lasts forever.

Salvation comes in one size that fits all hearts. Salvation comes from one source so that there is no need to run from here to there in order to find a supplier. Just look up for salvation is of God, through Jesus our Lord. His gift of the Holy Spirit assures us that we are His forever & ever.

All the money in the world cannot buy salvation. All the talent in the world can't win over salvation. All of the strength in the world doesn't hold enough power to wield salvation.

With that said, there are many references in the Holy Bible to colors and to numbers. Next time you read your Bible and see a number or color, it usually has a special, significant meaning.

Colors, Elements & Symbolic Words in the Bible

Specific colors in the Bible represent significant meanings. Here are a few colors defined:

Gold - signifies the deity of God.

Blue - signifies royalty.

Black - signifies sin.

White - signifies righteous pureness, cleanliness.

Purple - The majesty.

Red - signifies redemption; blood of Jesus the Christ.

Silver - Redemption

Brass - Judgment

Waters - People

Many Waters - Multitudes


Specific numbers in the Bible represent significant meanings. Here are a few numbers, that when referenced in the Bible, generally hold symbolic meanings:

One signifies one God.

Two  is for testimony.

Three signifies The Trinity - God, Jesus, Holy Spirit

Four - Signifies creation. you from personal experience that your weight loss dream can indeed become a reality.

 Five - Grace of God.

Six - Man's number.

Seven - God's number.

Ten - Completion.

Twelve - Final completion.

Twenty - Testing.

 Forty - Final Testing. Although God's salvation is free, and priceless, and everlasting, not all desire this precious gift. But for those that do, salvation is something that can also never be taken away. Salvation is also one gift that has never been returned.

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