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Building a Life You Can Be Proud Of

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There are many things in life that you have built over the years - perhaps a cake, or a playhouse for the kids, or a special project for your home. If you're good at sewing, you may have made pillows or a dress or a pretty skirt. If you knit, you may have created a shawl, a pair of mittens or a hat.

But what about your life? What type of life are you building?

Each day serves as a building block. Day by day we build our life. The result is always impacted by decisions, whether they are our own decisions or someone else's. Many times we are so focused on what we want - that we do not pause to consider how our decisions impact other people.

Every decision that we make serves in building the end-result of our life. Much of the time, particularly in our younger years, we may not ponder the significance of living the best life possible.

Later in life, we may be filled with many regrets. We may have unintentionally made decisions which impacted the lives of other people in a negative manner. We may have made poor decisions which negatively impacted our own life. Decisions that may haunt us in our dusky years of life.

Of course, none of us are perfect. We all make bad decisions from time-to-time. And we all sin, even if we don't intend to do such. We have moments of anger, moments of impatience, times when we don't quite tell the truth in order to avoid condemnation - generally over the simplest thing [No honey, I did not eat that last piece of cake; perhaps the dog.....]. No human being has ever walked this earth and lived a perfect life EXCEPT our Blessed Messiah, Jesus Christ.

What is the best life? God set forth the elements for the best life possible when He gave us The Ten Commandments. If we follow those as best as we can - that's all that is required. Our Savior added to this by His commandment - loving our fellow man - which mirrors The Golden Rule: doing unto others as we would like them to do unto us. We can help those in need & be a friend to those in need of a friend. These are just a handful of ways that will assist us in living the best life possible - a life that we can be proud of at the end of our journey.

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