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What Was Christmas Like For Christians in the 1960's?

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It was a very different era during the 1960's, the season more about 'the reason for the season' rather than 'Black Fridays' and 'Cyber Mondays'. The Internet hadn't yet made its way into the mainstream of mankind. At times, I wonder if this invention has created more evil - than good.

My father's church was located on Davis Blvd. in North Richland Hills, Texas in the 1960's - although it was a mission at the time. Soon, it would become a church - and some 50-years later it still exists although the church has been renamed. As the mission grew, we soon purchased land around the corner on Maplewood Drive & the mission, which was now large enough to be considered a church, was named: Sycamore Baptist Church.

During the holiday season, there were well-to-do houses in that area although Davis Blvd. was nothing more than open fields. Today, it's a web of congested traffic.

During the Christmas Season, when we were still having services at the mission, afterwards the small congregation would form a 'car train' and we would tour the decorated houses in the area. I remember the lights, the cooler weather - and of course the one year when we went on a hayride and viewed the lights. If we ventured out a bit to socialize at a fast food eatery, my family would watch the other members order sizeable amounts of food - cheeseburgers, fries, drinks - but we were too poor to afford such. I must say it was quite uncomfortable for me.

Some members of the mission were quite well-to-do. Looking back, I have to wonder why some didn't buy the pastor's family a treat. Given that, please remember this story where your own pastor is concerned. Pastors are almost-always a group whose mission is to look out for others - to make others' lives better.

But much of time, the congregation doesn't look after the pastor. I remember my father getting calls in the middle of the night because a member was feeling guilty about something or another. The same woman kept calling night after night - 2-3 in the morning. Finally, my father suggested that if she really wanted to do something for God, that she could pick up the litter on the church grounds. She never called that late again.

Part 2, Christmas From Times Past, 1960's

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