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What Was Bible School Like in the 1960's?

Picture of Bible

My father made a whale. Yes indeed - he made a paper-meche whale as our Bible School was focused on 'Jonah & the Whale'.

If the girls had the most in attendance for the day - the boys got put into the mouth of the whale. If the boys had the most there, the girls got put into the whale. This was so exciting for the kids, and I'm certain that they never forgot that image of the huge whale.

I remember Daddy creating the whale in the garage using old newspapers that he'd saved for his project. Mother thought he was nuts at first, but as the whale hardened with the layers of paper and glue, she became quite intrigued.

Then when the coat of black paint was applied....well, I must say that the creation was quite original, quite ingenious and fantastical for its day. I only wish that they had taken a picture of the final whale rendition.

As the week of Bible School approached, the congregation got into our cars - which had been decorated with streamers and balloons - and we drove down the local streets honking our horns and cheering. The 'publicity' seemed to work because we had a fine attendance for Bible School.

It was the first year that I began teaching, and I was still a teenager myself. I remember the little kids; they hung onto me and hugged me a lot. They were all so precious. I suppose that I was young enough to truly relate to them, and I hope that some remember that time and it made an influence on their lives.

I know that it did on mine!

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