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Have We Become Immune to Sin?

Has mankind's belief of sin evolved from God's 10 Commandments?

Today's world is filled with acceptable acts that were considered punishable by death in the Law of the Old Testament. Some sects still abide by the Law - but in most areas of the 'civilized' world, many types of sin are not only acceptable - but the norm. And thankfully, after Jesus died - we were freed from the Law. However, we were not freed from the 10 Commandments.

In the 1950's and 1960's much of society considered 'living intimately with a person' was not only sinful, but shameful. 'Having an affair' or 'casual sex' was usually considered horrifically shameful. As a kid growing-up in the 50's and 60's I often heard people refer to 'living together' as 'shacking-up'; guilty parties were often referred to as 'sorry people'. People engaging in casual sex were often referred to as 'loose', particularly women who took the brunt of hurtful comments.

Unlike today's world, back then - living with someone outside of marriage  was quite rare. People, particularly Christians, didn't live together as husband & wife; they fell in love & married. These days - Christian or not - it seems to be more uncommon for a couple to marry than to live together. They want to 'try it out' first - they want to take the car around the block & back to see how good it runs, to see how dependable it is...

Recently, an American Catholic's conversation involved taking Communion [Eucharist]. The dear lady said that she enjoyed casual sex quite often & had no qualms or held no guilt whatsoever about taking the Eucharist. If her Priest knew such, his eyes might bug-out on a stem - but 'who am I to judge', right?

There is really only one judge, God. He is the One we will be held accountable to - and no mortal man in this era - since Jesus Christ's Great Sacrifice has the power to receive forgiveness for another soul's sins. It's not like we're living in the Old Testament where the Priest went to God and asked forgiveness for the Peoples' sins. Jesus made 'forgiveness of sins' a personal commission - a personal gift where we have the power to ask God for forgiveness through Jesus, the precious Holy Spirit carrying our prayer to God - through Jesus. Only Jesus is the ONE mediator between our Holy Father God & Man.

So living together is totally okay, right? I mean....almost-everyone does it, right? Having casual sex is okay, right? It can't be a sin if so many people are doing it, right? And if you're casually fornicating, it's totally okay to partake in Communion, right? Going a step backwards, if you're living in sin - it's totally okay to be Baptised, right?

As a small child my parents often took the family to the drive-in movies. Daddy would pop popcorn - and back in the 60's, when we purchased our groceries, the store would place them into jumbo paper bags. These bags were so large that they could have been used as lunch sacks for the Philistines. Mother actually used them for trash. They were the faux-plastic in those good old days.

So....Daddy would fill the bag with popcorn and top it off with margarine. By the end of the movie, the popcorn would be polished-off.

Back then, the movies were very mild - but one movie in particular changed the family's life in a very negative way. That movie was 'Gone With the Wind'. If you have seen the movie, you'll remember what Rhett Butler said at the end using the 'd-word' shortly after using the words 'frankly my dear'. My mother gasped at the profanity - and we stopped going to the movies because they had become too sinful. It was a very sad day for we-kids.

Part 2 of Have We Become Immune to Sin?

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