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When I was a young girl, I remember these two blond-haired ladies that used to sit in front of our family at church. They were very well off, quite evident by the clothes they wore, their jewelry collections, their professionally-beautified hair-do's, the expensive cars they drove and their self-confident manner.

I remember them admiring their  manicured nails, and how they used to touch their perfect hair.

I also remember listening to them before the church service began, and how they'd talk about everyone in the church. I also remember my mother looking at me and sadly shaking her head.  

There was another church goer who would always come on Sunday morning. He had a certain pew that he liked to warm. It was the pew directly in front of these two ladies with the blond hair.

This man would only smile as he passed by, then he would take his seat and right after the service ended, he would exit. He was never any trouble at all. He was what most Christians would define as a bench warmer.

There was one fallacy that the bench warmer had that irritated the blond ladies. He had a bald spot in the middle of the back of his head that they seemed very annoyed about. I remember watching them as a young girl as they laughed and pointed their long painted fingernails at him.

Of course, the bench warmer had no idea, as his focus was the Sunday sermon. But God was watching and I have to wonder what He thought about it all....

As to the 'bench warmer', it is not for us to judge. This dear man perhaps had a stronger connection with our Lord than anyone else in the church - including the pastor at the time. Rather than being coined by others as a 'bench warmer', perhaps he was on-fire for God....  

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