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A few years ago, a middle-aged gentleman attended the same church in the woods that I did at the time. He was in his mid-fifties, and a wonderful example for all Christians. He was a great Prayer Warrior.

The one thing that I remember very well about this gentleman, was that every time that he prayed, he asked God to take him on to heaven if it was his time, or if he was in the way here on earth.

One day, quite suddenly, he passed on...

After that I pondered intently on this man's experience. I wondered if his death had been a mere coincidence? If it had been his time to leave this world?

After great thought, I realized that this man had lived alone; and he'd had a heart condition for a few years prior to his death.

Was his death preventable? Perhaps.....  Or, perhaps this man, my friend, my brother in Christ had need of seeing a doctor. Many times, people with heart problems become very emotional, such as my friend. But doctor or not, God still controls our destiny.


God does give us the foresight to look and take care of our living temple. If you know someone who longs for death, or who is locked away in agony from life itself, speak to them and encourage them to visit a doctor. You may have a part in saving their life.

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