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Christian Article Written by Lipstick 'n Boots

As a minister's daughter, I must admit that I have more stories to share about my experiences than a hound dog has fleas. There are funny stories, sad stories, heart warming stories, powerful stories, amazing stories and unexplainable stories. They are all true stories.


This Christian section is not about converting, preaching, chastising or judging, rather it's about real life experiences that are shared with the intent to brighten your life and to provide insight to experiences that go 'behind the scenes and into the life of a minister and his family'.

As time goes by, we as Christians face some of the most trying times in the history of Mankind. So much evil - so much destruction, much of which involves self-destruction.

Every corner of the earth is mined with paths that lead to both good and evil. It's a troubled world all right, but man holds the keys to the earth for just a short while.

God allows him free reign to spread either love or hate; it's Man's  choice - our choice; we choose the paths we wish to take.


My father was one of the finest ministers that ever lived. The things that he taught in church will stick with me for the rest of my days, particularly the statement that he made regarding testimonies.

He said that the most distressing thing that anyone could ever do to him would be to ask if he were a Christian. To think that we aren't presenting a Christian example is something that should disturb all Christians.

In these trying times, I see many people in the media loving up God. The next minute, they are in a movie spewing out obscenities like there is no tomorrow. To coin an old phrase, they want their cake and they want to eat it too. And usually, they do.

Christians do know better than to pull out God when they need Him, then put Him back into their pocket (or pocketbook) when they are done with Him.  

What is so bothersome is that the non-Christian community is watching and when they see these types of display, it undermines what true Christians stand for.

There are so many things that we can do for God; He asks very little.  

As Christians, it seems like presenting a good testimony for Him is something that should come so easily, but for many - and for money, it just doesn't.


When I was a young girl, I remember these two blond haired ladies that used to sit in front of our family at church. They were very well off. I remember them admiring their professionally manicured nails, and how they used to touch their perfect hair-do's.

I also remember listening to them before the church service began, and how they'd talk about everyone in the church. I also remember my mother looking at me and sadly shaking her head.  

There was another church goer who would always come on Sunday morning. He had a certain pew that he liked to warm. It was the pew directly in front of these two ladies with the blond hair.

This man would only smile as he passed by, then he would take his seat and right after the service ended, he would exit. He was never any trouble at all. He was what most Christians would define as a bench warmer.

There was one fallacy that the bench warmer had that irritated the blond ladies. He had a bald spot in the middle of the back of his head that they seemed very annoyed about. I remember watching them as a child as they laughed and pointed their long fingernails at him.

Of course, the bench warmer had no idea, as his focus was the Sunday sermon. But God was watching and I have to wonder what He thought about it all....  


A few years ago, a middle-aged gentleman attended the same church in the woods that I did at the time. He was in his mid-fifties, and a wonderful example for all Christians. He was a great Prayer Warrior.

The one thing that I remember very well about this gentleman, was that every time that he prayed, he asked God to take him on to heaven if it was his time, or if he was in the way here on earth. One day, quite suddenly, he passed on...

After that I pondered intently on this man's experience. I wondered if his death had been a mere coincidence? If it had been his time to leave this world?

After great thought, I realized that this man had lived alone; and he'd had a heart condition for a few years prior to his death. Was his death preventable? Perhaps.....  Or, perhaps this man, my friend, my brother in Christ had need of seeing a doctor. Many times, people with heart problems become very emotional, such as my friend. But doctor or not, God still controls our destiny.

However! He does give us the foresight to look and take care of our living temple. If you know someone who longs for death, or who is locked away in agony from life itself, speak to them and encourage them to visit a doctor. You may have a part in saving their life.


As a minister's daughter, we seemed to always be at church. Sunday School, regular church services, Sunday afternoon dinner on the ground, Sunday night prayer meeting, Sunday night services, Sunday night teacher's meeting.  

When Monday rolled around, there was a meeting of the brotherhood; Tuesday's were reserved for visitation; Wednesday was mid-week service and choir practice. Thursday was the weekly meeting of the sisterhood; Friday was youth night. And on Saturday, I had to meet at the church to practice with the church trio that I played for. I was only 16.

I remember going to church when I was sick many times. I remember having to sacrifice holidays for church time. Many nights, I remember my father ministering to a midnight caller seeking advice and guidance. I saw distraught husbands and wives get into fist fights that my father had to break up. I saw much, much more and as I saw, I learned.

I love God with all my heart and with all my soul, and at that time, even if I had wanted to change things, it was out of my hands. I say all of this because I do wonder if congregations realize just how much a minister's family must sacrifice.

In my experience, I also learned that the more that people learned about each other in the congregation, the more apt they were to criticize one another. Serving God is very important, for we are indeed His servants. However, if you find that you are taxed to the max and have little time left to be with your own family, much less any personal time, it's time to stop and take stock.

Try to be a Watchman over your minister as well; if you find that your minister is also maxed out, see what you can do to help. It may mean canceling a brotherhood meeting so that the men can spend a bit more time with their families. God wants us to serve Him well, but He also wants us to experience life!


The following Christian Poem is a reflection of life over death written by Sky Taylor.

A woman's womb, a silent tomb,

A woman's womb, baby's first room,

A friend's kind ear, but a mouth filled with fear,

A friend's kind ear, wise words to endear.

A baby's first cry, follows a lullaby,

A baby's first cry, none but why?

One went away, the other one stayed,

God bless the mother and those who prayed.


King David wrote the Book of Psalms, a collection of beautiful messages that can be evoked into every era in history. They are indeed timeless.  

King David was not only a writer, a composer and a musician, he was also a pretty wild dancer. But that got him in a bit of trouble with a few of the townspeople. Just too much happy for some.

King David's life is one of the Biblical stories that is elaborated on from beginning to the end. He was indeed the apple of God's eye. Even so, King David's life was so full of sorrow that many times overtook his joyous nature.

King David's music must have certainly offered him comfort. There is  something about music; it can make you laugh, make you cry, make you even think about a certain thing in a different way. Music is indeed one of the most powerful fuels available to Christians.

I never could sing a lick; although I can carry a tune, it's nothing that anyone would want to hear. I think that I'm like most people; certainly not choir material.  

But whether you have the voice of an angel or a howling dog, God loves us to have a spring in our step and a song in our heart. It just makes life more fun!

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