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Christian Weight Loss Tips, Grazing & Socials


Christian Article Written by Lipstick 'n Boots

Grazing & Weight Loss: God compares us to sheep many times throughout the Bible. Perhaps he was observing our eating habits during some of His references! Like sheep, many of us do like to graze.  Grazing isn't necessarily a bad thing when it comes to weight loss.  Here are the negatives and positives:


The Positives: Spacing your meals out during the day can supercharge a slow metabolism. Rather than eating three times per day, plan to eat 5-6 smaller meals throughout the day. Many people have achieved great weight loss results by using this dieting technique. 

The Negatives: Some dieters have trouble bingeing when using this weight loss technique because they must face food more often than 'standard dieting', so the temptation is greater.

Around the Clock Grazing: Another rather serious form of grazing stems from 'continuous' eating. We aren't talking about baby carrots, either. It may be 2 cookies for breakfast, a donut for break time with a regular large soda, a pack of peanut butter crackers before lunch, a sizable lunch - and so forth. Not only does this add pounds, it stretches the tummy.  Avoid this type of grazing or weight gain will ensue!

Christian Socials & Diet Damage: If you belong to a typical church, there's always a function in progress. Whether it's planning an Easter Sunrise Service or a food drive for the needy, it's just about a given that food will be involved in some form, shape or fashion.

You may have loved Sister Earla's chocolate chip cookies last month, but this month, you're on a diet. And she's expecting you to eat at least two, because after all, she baked them just for you since you were so fond of them at the last social...

There are several ways to avoid weight gain at church functions, but few ways in which people's feelings won't be injured and in which won't have you cornered.

Why is it that all Christians cook so well???

The unfortunate thing about church events that involve food is that it's almost impossible to say 'no'! At my ripe old age, I've decided that all Christians cook well. From peach cobblers to baked bread, it's all good. And although a basket of fruit is best for our bodies, 99% of the time, when we're called upon to provide food for a church event, we'll pass right by that basket and head for the devil's food cake!

With so many good things to test and taste, the end of the day finds our scales a bit dented. Sometimes, they get deeper dented than others - but dented they generally are...

So, how can one live through a church social filled with luscious goodies and keep the numbers steady on their weight loss scales?

Tips for Keep Diet Damage Under Control - YOUR Control

1. Be angelic and bring an angelfood cake rather than the devil's food cake to the event. The angelfood contains about 1/5 the calories and practically no fat.

2. Bring foods that you will be able to eat. This doesn't mean that you'll need to offend Sister Rose by refusing her hot apple pie, but when you do 'test' the pie, you'll have your diet-wise goodies to fall back on. It's called your Diet Rescue Plan.

3. Stick with salad selections and vegetables that are 'stand alones' (not part of a creamy casserole or cheesy concoction).

4. Enjoy water as your beverage. This can save a lot of calories, especially if you would have opted for sweetened tea.

5. Use minimal amounts of butter, sour cream, cream cheese and other rich spreads which can spread pounds all over you if you run amok with serving sizes.

6. When the blessing is asked, ask for God's help in keeping your diet plan in focus. Keep in mind that He's watching over our shoulders both night and day and that slice of hot apple pie doesn't get past Him!

7. If you accidentally slip off the Diet Wagon, don't worry.  Another church function is right around the corner and you can try again! - Invite Sister Earla to sample your goodies as you let her in on your low fat, low calorie secrets. The trick is to hit her first.

8. Accept other goodies, but only take a nibble or two. Make it known that you are watching your waistline.

Diet Faith of a Doubting Thomas: At the end of your last diet, did you find yourself saying, 'I knew that this diet wasn't going to work. I'll never lose this unwanted weight. I knew that it was impossible!'

This is a common reaction to a diet gone bad. The key is to turn the impossible into the possible! Sure, that last diet may not have worked - or the one before that, and so forth. But it's a new day, and if you adopt a positive outlook and incorporate Faith into your diet thoughts, you will indeed, reach your weight loss goals!

Try the following diet tips when you are in Diet Doubt:

When tempted by a Diet Goody, don't go Eve!

While dieting, shop for a suit of new clothes that are smaller than your current size. Each week, make it a point to slip into them. You'll be amazed at how quickly you'll slide into those new jeans or Sunday suit!

Think, "Do I want this chocolate cupcake OR do I want to look and feel better?"  Vanity always wins out, but then again, vanity is a different topic all together!

Diet Success is the end means of your diet plan. Have faith that you will get there and never stop believing in yourself.

Don't try to be Diet Perfect - because no one is - not even the most popular of weight loss diet guru's. Even they, have those 'must eat chocolate' moments. Do the best that you can, stay Diet Motivated, keep your Diet Willpower at hand, and keep the Diet Faith!  By doing such, you will reach your weight loss goals, no matter how much weight you need to lose.

My Diet Cup Runneth Over! Dropping unwanted pounds may be as simple as excluding high calorie and high fat beverages from your daily diet. Sugary sodas, whole milk, and juices tend to be very high in calories - some in fat grams, others in sugars. Both fat grams and sugars assist in spiking calorie content in foods. So even though milk and juice are both healthy beverages, they pack hefty calories. You can enjoy about 3 oranges for the same amount of calories as 1 cup of orange juice. Skim milk contains almost 1/2 the calories as whole milk, and it's heart-healthy.


Experiment with diet sodas and diet beverages. Rather than juice, enjoy a piece of fruit. Create fabulous shakes with skim milk. With a little thought and planning, you just might have happened upon the key that will unlock your diet!

Diet Comfort Foods: A few foods that are low in fat and calories that will hit the spot when you need a little Diet Comfort include:

1. A cored apple cooked for about 5 minutes in the microwave. Add cinnamon, no calorie butter and a few packets of Splenda.  

2. Toast 5 large marshmallows for about 100 calories. Yum!  

3. Make a slim shake using low fat milk, 1/2 a banana, a dash of cinnamon and a few ice cubes. Whirl in your blender.

4. Next time that you're at the market, pick up some tiny cookies such as animal crackers, reduced fat vanilla wafers and ginger snaps. Many times, you can enjoy as many as 6 cookies for a little over 100 calories. And that will fit nicely into most anyone's diet plan!

The Power of Prayer While Dieting: I've prayed for a lot of things in my life; some prayers have been answered and some fell by the wayside. If God gave us everything that we asked for, I suppose that we'd be a bit like spoiled children (or spoiled sheep) (baaa).

Some things in life must be achieved through hard work and dedication. Though God has the power to do anything that He wishes, losing weight is one of those areas where we have to work very hard to get where we want to be. God can certainly give us strength and help hone our willpower, and by leaning on Him it can sure make losing weight a lot easier.

Have you ever noticed that whenever you have a positive mind-set about a particular thing in life, that it just flows by so much easier?  From going to work, to sweeping the floor - a positive attitude makes the task so much easier.

Prayer can also strengthen our hopes, our dreams, and lead us to those unseen places much easier - lifting us up to where we indeed DO belong!

Saintly Weight Loss Charts: If you're trying to lose unwanted pounds, you've probably circled the Internet viewing many different weight loss charts. Odds are, you didn't find many that mirrored one another!  But there's more to reveal about these fancy charts with flashy numbers...

Weight loss charts are nothing more than patterns to shoot for. Dieter Betty isn't going to weigh the same as Dieter June - even if they are the same height and bone structure. Perhaps Dieter Betty has more fat cells, or tends to retain water. What if Dieter June has a head of hair that would do a female country star proud? That's easily five pounds, right there.

Therefore, it's okay to have a pattern BUT use a weight loss chart that's realistic. I've seen a 30 pound spread, and believe me, if I weighed what some of the charts out there indicate, if I were standing sideways in the road, the car would never see me. Rather than shoot for a specific weight, center your plan around how you feel at 'x' amount of weight.

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