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The Cobblestone Diet Path

Christian Article Written by Lipstick 'n Boots


Some of the prettiest structures that I have seen were crafted of pebblestones. One tiny pebblestone doesn't appear magnificent at all. It's rather common and ordinary. But when stone after stone has been set in place, whether on a trail or as a wall, a masterpiece begins to unveil. One by one, a few inches at a time and a solid, magnificent structure is in place.


When on a weight loss plan, one day of dieting doesn't seem like an accomplishment at all. We only think about the foods that we're sacrificing; about the stress involved in dieting; we can't envision what is at the end of our Diet Path. But as day by day goes by, we suddenly see the magnificence of our diet plan! Our bodies slowly melt down to a smaller size; we now see knees where knees didn't exist before our diet plan; we now see shoulder blades and a neck!

I think these things were most exciting about my personal weight loss. Yes, I had been slim for a long while in life, then it slowly faded as the years passed by. I became overwhelmed at how much weight that I had gained. And when I finally decided to lose my weight once and for all, these tiny things - such as knees and shoulder blades and the neck simply amazed me. That feeling was better than the feeling I got when I slipped into a smaller outfit.

With this in mind, keep on track! Day by day, you're building a magnificent pathway that will take you directly to your weight loss goals!

Onward Diet Christian Soldier

If you're currently on a weight loss plan, it is indeed, 'the battle of the bulge'. Cupcakes fly at you like propelled rocket grenades, nachos soar overhead threatening Global Body Warming and pizza pie simply has a standoff - staring you in the eyes, daring you NOT to eat that double-meat, double-cheese piece of pizza pie.

Yes, it's the Diet Battleground. And when fighting the Diet War, you'll need to pull out all your defenses in order to survive your diet plan. Let's go over some key points:

- Have you got a back up plan?

- Is your pantry clear of enemy snacks?

- Do your sneakers still fit for that walk you're going to take every other day for 20 minutes?

- Are you focused and determined to stick with your diet plan until you reach your diet goal?

- Are you counting calories, fat grams or using some sort of calculation to tally up your daily food intake?

Remain focused, keep on track, realize that losing weight takes time.  Most of us didn't become Christians overnight. For some of us, it took years. We learned many things along our journey to God. It's the same with dieting and weight loss. You'll make mistakes; you may falter; you may even pause and rest on the trail.  But always stay on that trail.  Don't deter off.  Move forward, towards your weight loss goals, just as you moved forwards to meet God.

It's certainly not an easy road, or a very pleasant road - but once you get to where you want to be, there's nothing else quite like the feeling of, 'Yes, I won the Diet War!' Well done, Diet Christian Soldier!

Leap of Diet Faith


Odds are, you've been on a few diets in your life. Most of us end up losing our current weight many times over - losing weight, gaining weight, losing weight, gaining weight. It's a never-ending circle OR it can be if we allow it to be.

Think about this question:  'While you were on your last diet, what would have happened if you had stayed on the diet?'

Simply put, you would have reached your weight loss goal! Un-simply put - IT'S NOT THAT EASY!!!! Dieting is one of the hardest things to do in life. There's Goody Temptation at every corner.

Before beginning that next diet - you know the one: YOUR LAST DIET, try taking a huge leap of faith. Begin strong and have faith that this diet will indeed be your last diet. When you reach that point in your diet where you can either crawl forward and meet your weight loss goal OR run backwards into the safety of your former, unhealthy daily diet, then reach in and grab that beacon of faith.

By sticking to your diet plan and remaining steadfast, and having faith that you will succeed - you're already there in your mind. You simply need to give your body a bit of time to get there too! Have faith because yes - you CAN do this!

Faithful Weight Loss - Living by Faith

To succeed in losing weight, you must remain steadfast and faithful to your diet. Generally, the beginning of a diet is very exciting - just as most new things are that have the potential promise for a happy ending.

But as time goes by, the excitement dies down. We find ourselves craving our former favorite goodies, only to find ourselves stuck with rice cakes and celery sticks. At this point, it's very hard to be Diet Faithful!

And though it might not seem that we're getting anywhere with our diet, we are! It's a bit like a spool of thread. One string wrapped around the spool doesn't look like much of anything. But when the string is wrapped again and again around the spool, we can see a pattern forming. This is much like our diet.  One day, one week, one month - it all adds up to impressive weight loss results when we remain faithful to our diet!  

It's much like a caterpillar spinning a cocoon. When the final stage is set, out pops a beautiful butterfly (i.e. Diet Success!)

Why Do I Always Fail When Dieting?

Sometimes, nothing in our life seems to go right. Bills are standing at the gate, the kids are all sick and the animals all have fleas.

Simply because we're human, our lives are filled with imperfection - at best!  Enter in 'the facts and unpredictable laws of nature' and everything tends to go south. Failing at something in life can actually be a good thing.

Good thing, you say? Oh yes - a good thing. Maybe we fail for a reason; maybe that reason is so that we can help a friend or loved one later in life who is dealing with the same, or similar, problem. If you've experienced an event, your knowledge and support can mean a great deal to someone else suffering a similar experience.

As for Diet Failure, try to think of your daily diet as having a new recipe in your Box of Life each and every day. Whenever you test a new recipe, sometimes it turns out to be a masterpiece; sometimes it's a huge flop.  And sometimes, those huge flops taste even better than the masterpieces!

So whether you feel like your diet is a flop, or a masterpiece, don't give up hope. Keep moving forward with your weight loss plan until you reach the spot on your weight loss scales where you want to be. Never, ever, never give up hope!

Setting a Diet Example - Be a Living Example

Christians have a propensity to help others - it's just something that's 'in there'. Although money, friendship, support and prayer all work towards helping mankind, being a Living Example can also provide immeasurable benefits to those around us.

Since we are focusing on the Christian's diet, let's outline how different situations can benefit others:

By being a Living Example through healthy eating, this pattern overflows to your children, or grandchildren and other loved ones in your life.

If you're cooking healthier, they'll be eating healthier. So you're doing a VERY GOOD thing for others.   

The ability to control what we put on our plates is a reflection of inner strength and inner peace.

Strength has always been a much-desired trait, something that most people admire and respect. When we respect our Inner Temple, others respect us. And we don't have to be razor-thin in order to be a healthy eater! One can be fit at most any size!

Finally, by being a Living Example you are a living testimony of things to come. As time goes by, others will probably seek your guidance regarding a healthier lifestyle. Being a mentor earns a certain level of respect and is certainly something to be joyous about!

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