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Fair Game, a Free Online Love Story by Sky Taylor - Page 1


A Hunter's Moon lit up the October night sky as Ginger cautiously moved through the first-born leaves of autumn, the air crisp and cool as it fluttered through her long chestnut hair.

Nothing quite like a brisk hike at night, she thought to herself as she took pause in the clearing and gave her focus to the binoculars she had fished from her backpack. Quite unfortunate that it was going to have to be a short and sweet hike as a storm was predicted to move in as the evening progressed. Already she was aware that the sky wasn't as clear as it had been only moments ago, with a thick band of dark clouds moving in from the north.

For the first time in a long while she felt relaxed. Being a reporter definitely had its low and high moments, and she silently acknowledged that it had been too long since her last vacation - almost three years.

Seriously, what was she killing herself for? Most of the stories with the hot leads went to the male reporters on the team. Team? Not hardly when teamwork was never practiced. One day, she was going to get out of the racket - buy herself a cabin like the one she'd rented for her two-week stay, a stay that she intended to fully enjoy with zero thoughts of her once-exciting but now-boring job.

She thoroughly missed the days when Kitty had been in charge. But that had been before the company takeover that had stripped virtually all females from the reporting team. All but her, that is - the token female who spent more time fetching coffee for her unappreciative boss than hitting the beat where the stories of everyday life played out.

Below the rim of the mountain, she caught sight of two deer scampering through the moonbeams and a smile drifted across her lips. But as her view shifted, the binoculars collided with another set of binoculars that had her in sight.

A spontaneous scream escaped her pink lips as she tried to collect herself. Perhaps it had been a mistake - taking a hike in the wild blue yonder without another soul within hearing distance for miles on end. That is - other than the mysterious stranger with the binoculars who had been looking at her!

A male at that - one with an overly tall frame, but that was all she'd had time to explore amid the rather terrifying moment.

What was he doing out here? Following her? Stalking her? Had she become the innocent prey? His prey? And just how long had he been tracking her? Since she'd arrived at her cabin earlier that day?

A rod of panic accompanied her troubling thoughts as she ran through the woods, backtracking as best as she could under the circumstances. Due to experience, she was aware of the nutballs running amuck and given her rotten luck, the chances were high that she'd done just that - fallen into a well-laid trap.

As the ridge appeared along the moonlit trail, she stumbled, her small frame tumbling for what seemed  forever before landing with a dull thud. Peering through the shadows, she became aware that her ankle had twisted around a small tree.

"Darn!" she tossed out, wrestling to release her heavy backpack as she decided her ankle was either broken or had sustained one humdinger of a sprain.

"You okay?"

Ginger hurled another scream through the air as the overly tall male tottered backwards a good three feet.

"Look - I didn't mean to startle you," he defended, Ginger still not ready to trust him. No doubt, he was the same idiot who had been spying on her through the distance - the same idiot who had caused this entire catastrophe.

"Just go away," she snapped, coming to life as she struggled with her fears. Hopefully, she had them hidden from him she thought, mentally kicking herself for not enrolling in the martial arts class  a few weeks back when she'd had the opportunity.

Cole gazed at the fallen beauty through the moonlight, trying to decide what to do with her. It was obvious, she was totally terrified of him. Her eyes were wide with wonder and she reminded him of a lost spider monkey in search of its mother.


Mystery, Love Story: Murder at Moonwolf Ranch

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