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Saving Money - Tips to Save Money - Using Good Sense to Save Cents

Financial Article Written by Lipstick 'n Boots

Saving Money - Tips to Save Money - Frank Saves Cents


Do you find it harder and harder to make ends meet in Today's World? Are you living from paycheck to paycheck with no balanced budget in sight? Whether you're single or have an entire herd of kids, The Money Tree section can show you how to save money for those rainy days by using good sense to save cents - just like to save money

A good example:  You visit a fast food restaurant and  you're planning on dining inside. The order-taker asks what size drink that you'd like with your meal. If you're like most people, you'll order a large drink. What many consumers forget is that most restaurants offer free refills.

Saving Money Tip:  Why order a large drink when you'll be dining in and can refill your cup as many times as you'd like?  The difference in price between a small drink and a large drink can be separated by $1.50 or more. 

See how simple saving money can be? The Money Tree is also a very unique, very fun site - so you'll have fun while you're learning tips on how to save money.  Ready?  Set?  Let's go save money!  

Saving Money, Getting Back to Basics

saving money Some people chase trends like others chase fire trucks going to a neighborhood fire. Trends cost big bucks and fade quickly with time. Save your hard earned cash for truly enjoyable things in life that last.

saving money Replacing your vehicle before it's paid off is very costly. Your new payments will probably include what you owed on your old vehicle so you're actually paying for a car and a half. Drive that car until she won't drive no more, Captain! Be certain to perform the necessary things, such as oil and belts and your vehicle will last years longer.

saving money Do you really need an SUV? Are you planning on tackling some rough and tough terrain this weekend? Will you ever? Is it a safety concern? If not, make your next vehicle one that sips fuel wisely rather than guzzling it down.

saving money Do you really need that $3-$4 cup of morning java? Over the course of a month, that adds up to about $100.

saving money If you're a smoker, quitting can save you thousands of dollars over the years, add years to your life, and years to the ones around you who won't be inhaling second-hand smoke - as well as any pets in the house.

Saving Money, The Bargain Barn

Prehistoric Pam is in need of a new wardrobe but unfortunately she is suffering from Scarecrow Pocketbook.  She can barely get by, much less spring for a new wardrobe this Spring. She will continue to save what she can and perhaps in another month or two, she can afford that $27.00 blouse at the fashion store.

On the other hand, Penny-pinching Penny is suffering from Scarecrow Pocketbook. Although she can barely get by, getting a new wardrobe isn't a problem for Penny.

Penny Pinching Penny's Money Saving Tips:

saving money Penny is a thrifty shopper and has been known to scoop up a new blouse or two at the local thrift store for a couple of dollars. She also keeps a sharp eye on the clearance racks when out shopping. And she also drops by the local yard and garage sales to pick up bargains, rarely paying what the item is marked as she likes to barter.

Saving Money, Taxing Times

Dashing Don just received his weekly paycheck. As he glances at the pay stub, he notices that almost 1/3 of his hard earned money has been sliced out of his Money Pie for tax related purposes.

Don shrugs, then heads to the store to cash his check and pick up a few items. He is charged a small fee to have his check cashed. Out of the $50.00 worth of products that he buys, another $3.00 goes towards state taxes. It is indeed, taxing times.

Money Saving Tips:

saving money If you don't have a bank account, consider opening up one to save unnecessary fees on cashing checks. Direct deposit is an even better idea as you'll save money on gas to get you to the bank.

saving money When tax season arrives, if you generally pay someone to complete your taxes for you, take a good look at your last year's tax return. See if it's something that you can complete instead, using last year's return as a pattern.

Saving Money, Senior Management - Managing Money

saving money Taking good care of yourself in your younger years, including a healthy diet and exercise, can save you big bucks once you reach retirement. By being health smart, you'll be cutting your risk of getting some potentially serious diseases that strike a good many seniors.

saving money Set up a separate account and begin investing in your future NOW so that when you get to retirement, you'll have a good nest egg. Even if you're only able to save a few dollars a week, it all adds up over the years. An interest bearing account will increase those savings.

If you're currently a senior:

saving moneyTry to stay active. Consider taking yoga which can enhance balance and strength.  

saving money Be certain to get your annual flu shot.  

saving money If you are unable to tend to your finances, enlist the help of someone that you totally trust.

saving money  Before getting repairs or work done on your house or car, get some feedback from someone that you trust on the matter.

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