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Jaded Moon

A Western Romance Story Written by Willow Windsong



Jaded Moon is a western romance set in the foothills of the Texas Hill Country. For almost a decade of my life I lived in the Austin area, so Iím quite familiar with the terrain of the land as well as back-road shortcuts leading from small towns into the thriving city of Austin Ė the capital of Texas.

This information came in handy as I was writing this story which involves two separate tales of two brothers Ė August and Connor.

August is the older, more level-headed male while Connor still has some maturing to do but he eventually gets there by the time his story takes place.

You can enjoy either story without getting lost but Isuggest that you start with Augustís Story.

After experiencing a serious accident involving his horse, a lost calf and a cantankerous rattlesnake, he has given up hope to ever walk again.

When therapist Lisa enters his life, she offers him hope, understanding and love. But will the skeptical and battered cowboy take the bait or bail out?

Connorís Story is a comedy-western romance set in Nevada on the Skeleton Key Ranch.

When his safe is robbed of $25,000 he goes after the thief on horseback but once he catches up with him, Mimi spoils everything as she assumes that Connorís the thief.

Itís a whirlwind romance threaded with broken hearts and shattered dreams Ė which laughter serves to mend.

I hope that youíll enjoy reading these two love stories and that youíll share us with your friends and family Ė and possibly, even your mean old mother in law. We can use all the readers we can get.

And now, letís begin at the beginning Ė which is always a great place to start, with Augustís Story or follow you can start with Connor's Story if you wish.


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