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A Love Story Written by Willow Windsong


Marshall Dillon Roberts avoided eye contact with the cantankerous and crudely verbose JR Schooner. He was the thorn in the side of the once-peaceful town of Seven Hills, Texas.

Seven Hills hadn't been the same since the man had slithered into town some five years ago. He'd purchased the only mercantile in town, threatened the local farmers to the point that they sold their products solely to him, and had cutoff all lines of credit for both farmers and the townspeople.

The situation was extra-hard on the farmers due to the twisters that had ravaged the county last spring and summer.

JR was better known as 'Just Rotten Scrooge' but most shortened the nickname to simply 'Scrooge'. Dillon suspected that JR still had the first diaper his mama had saddled him in because the man kept everything. His greedy old hands could transform a chunk of coal into a diamond with a short squeeze.

As JR paused to draw his breath, Dillon took the opportunity to cut him off at the pass.

"Schooner, these homeless people that you're complaining about - you're the reason they're homeless. You charge twice the price on items at your mercantile. You're responsible for destroying the mom and pop shops that were your competition - robbing them of their livelihood. It's less than a week until Thanksgiving. Can't you show a little mercy?"

JR shuffled his alligator shoes and admitted in a harsh tone, "Toot sweet - I ran them out of business! I'm a businessman. Getting rid of the competition was the first order of business. But I won't have them loitering in-between my mercantile and the bank. Two nights in a row now. I'd say I've been a very merciful man."

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