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Million Dollar Bimbo, a Free Love Story from Lipstick 'n Boots

Written by Sky Taylor

About this Free Love Story: Million Dollar Bimbo is a short love story from Lipstick 'n Boots. When Willow saves Zane's ranch from a black widow's scam, he is furious that she foiled what he'd considered the deal of a lifetime. But once he learns that the sweet deal was the kiss of death he's sent reeling - trying to repair the damage between himself and the lovely Willow....

Zane Armstrong was the worst boss that Willow had ever worked for – hands down. If she hadn’t desperately needed the job she would have quit her first day.


At least the foreman named Duke had been very kind to her, offering her support and advising her to ignore Zane’s rude remarks and open candor.

There was no pleasing the cowboy. According to him, he was perfect in every way and he had the stats to back his convictions. Devilishly handsome, broad shoulders, rippling muscles, bronzed hide and he could fill-out a pair of jeans like nobody’s business.

He was only five years older than her yet he had carved out a dynasty using both brains and brawn while she was still wobbling, trying to get her life into first gear.

Nonetheless, the devilishly handsome cowboy’s orders were not to be questioned – she’d found that out the hard way her first day on the job.


When she’d arrived, the main office had appeared as if it had been attacked by a Texas-size tornado – papers stuffed in every corner of the room, piled on top of Zane’s large oak desk and even stacked on the floor. She had spent the entire day organizing the stacks with a filing system which had been met with the cowboy’s thundering displeasure.

She was instructed to do only as she was told and to not touch anything going forward unless it was on her desk, a rather small pathetic desk in comparison to his own deskzilla.

The next few days had been spent disorganizing the papers, placing them back where she had originally found them – which had been a miracle in itself.

Then there was the offhanded remark she had made to him which he had taken issue with. If a cattle rancher was called a cattle baron she had assumed that a sheep rancher was called a ‘sheep’ baron. No – that had not gone over well at all – and neither had her attempt to remedy the tense situation when she’d offered, “I suppose that was a sheep joke.” The glance he’d given her could have moved mountains – no doubt.

And now there was the current dilemma at hand.

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