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A Romantic Western Set in the Old West

A Love Story Written by Willow Windsong


“Ana? Is that really you?” Bunny asked, rushing over to the buckboard to close the distance, her older brother Chance darting his head around in disbelief.

What the devil was she doing back in Bugtussle? The woman had severed his heart, making a mockery of their relationship.

She had assumed that he’d never find out her secret – about her relationship with Muldoon Andrews, the cocky overly-handsome rodeo cowboy who had drifted through Bugtussle some three years ago.

Oh, but he had discovered her secret – and it had been a fluke at that.

Ana hadn’t expected Chance as he was scheduled to headline the calf roping event. It had been a stroke of luck when the calf had escaped the holding pen and half of the rodeo clowns and cowboys had rushed outside the arena to contain him.

The torrid scene from yesteryear rushed through his memory as he relived Ana’s passionate embrace with Muldoon.

She had been his fiancé – Chance’s one and only true love.

Even now, he found it difficult to remain cold to her – but it was necessary as he didn’t wish to have anything to do with her.

On the other hand, his kid sister Bunny was enamored with his ex-fiancé.

Then again, she’d always been enamored with Ana. Bunny had considered her more as a mother figure than an older sister type.

The kid had only been fifteen when he and Ana had split ways, Ana at least having the decency to leave town after Chance had discovered her affair with the drifter, Muldoon.

Chance would have done such himself if his roots hadn’t been buried in the town of Bugtussle.

The thriving horse ranch had been in the family for generations, left in his capable hands after the passing of his father so many years ago.

Chance had been Bunny’s age at the time his father died – only eighteen.

And Ana had been there for him – through the worst of times, through the best of times.


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