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The Cowboy From Santana

A Short Love Story Written by Willow Windsong

Life is ever changing.....


Raven opened the letter from her dear old friend Jason. She’d met him in his youth – at a time when she’d assumed that her life would remain the same as the years marched forward. 

As she opened the letter of this now distinguished attorney who resided on the east coast, she couldn’t help but to reflect on pleasant memories as he’d been influential in changing her path in life, leading her straight into the arms of the most wonderful man and husband that a girl could wish for… 

Twenty-five years earlier….

‘You’re stuck in neutral.’ 


‘Stuck in neutral,’ Jason assured, Raven still trying to make mincemeat out of ‘the young one’s’ in-depth analysis as he continued with, ‘S-I-N. Stuck in neutral. Very simple, Raven. Your life is currently stagnated. It‘s time for you to move forward - upward and onward - away from these dingy gray diner walls that surround you, following my excellent example,’ Raven certain that Jason’s analysis had suddenly evolved to braying. 

Even so, the young man was well-beyond his years when it came to brains - she’d give him that. And she was certain that one day, he’d make one dilly of a psychiatrist. Unfortunately, he didn’t know jack when it came to her personal life.

Easing out a big sigh, she reminded him, ‘Easy for you to say, Jason. Not so easy for me to do - given the fact that I didn’t have the luxury of obtaining a proper education.’ 

‘Hum….forgot about that,’ Jason mulled, his mood suddenly shifting to a rather serious state. ‘How old were you when your mom died - sixteen, wasn’t it?’ 

‘Right,’ Raven nodded, refocusing her attention on cleaning the remaining empty tables in the diner. 

Breakfast was quickly drawing to a close but the diner would soon be filing-in with customers for lunch, a routine that she was all-to-familiar with. In the past fifteen years, she had spent every day of her life here, except one day a year; Christmas.


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