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Set in the Old West

A Love Story Written by Willow Windsong



Creed Hunter

He’s out of money and fears that his nephews are out of time.

The teen twins were kidnapped and held for ransom three months ago, and almost rescued twice by Sheriff Bray Allen of Wormwood.

Creed works as a horse rancher residing in the town of Ashland Falls which is about a day’s ride on horseback from Wormwood and for the last three months he had focused his search for the boys in that area - without success, left with a broken spirit.

He has pulled together every cent possible to meet the ransom demands by mortgaging his property. And now, there is nothing left to mortgage and hope for finding his nephews is slim at best.

Feather Fairsky

She resides in the town of Wormwood, but it has never really been home.

She’s a doctor by trade but held hostage by the town’s sheriff and forced to sell out in order to survive.

Destiny will bring her face-to-face with Creed Hunter, a man that she is immediately drawn to.

Are these feelings related to the near-tragic events they have experienced together, or true love?


Jim& Jessie Hunter

After months of being held hostage and one failed attempt to escape their kidnappers, the fifteen year old twins try to escape one last time.

Will they get free before time runs out?

Peter Allen

The brother of the sheriff of Wormwood, he’s intent on having Feather for his own - now that her protective father has died. And if she remains unwilling, he’s not beneath welding force.

Sheriff Bray Allen

He managed to cover-up his brother’s crime but in doing such he had to send him away.  Will the sheriff’s resentment towards Feather Fairsky stand in the way of justice? Or does the sheriff have a few more tricks up his sleeve?

Hawk Fairsky

His mother was white, his father a Navajo and his daughter his only reason for living after the passing of his beloved Elsa due to influenza.

This gunfighter turned doctor taught Feather well, but did he teach her well enough to survive all odds, including cheating death?


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