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Set in the Old West

A Love Story Written by Willow Windsong


Sasha rode towards the neighboring ranch at a fast gallop, the sun in the western sky descending in flames like a roasted marshmallow amid the triple digit temperatures of south Texas.

But the devilish temperature of the early June day didn’t come close to what she was currently feeling where Jules Tanner was concerned.

They had been more like brother and sister than neighbors, growing up alongside one another from an early age – his parents owning the thriving horse ranch and her own, simple farmers living a simple way of life.

Yet he’d never made her feel less of a person than himself – a brave defender amid difficult times at school when fellow students had been cruel and lacking empathy for dirt farmers.

Now it was her turn to repay the debt – to inform Jules that he was about to enter into a marriage with a woman who was involved with another man.

She had witnessed such in late May, just before school had been released for the summer.

Rather than asking one of her students to clean the erasers, she had released them early and had tended the task personally.


Her sudden appearance from the back door of the schoolhouse had been unexpected, yet she doubted very seriously that Lawrence Williams and Francis Muldune had seen her as she had scrambled back into the schoolhouse immediately after witnessing the torrid embrace.

The couple had been sitting inside of Lawrence’s expensive buggy – yet his wealth paled greatly in comparison to Jules Tanner’s.

The scene had rendered her heartbroken. It was difficult enough seeing the man that she loved marrying Francis – but to know that she was not pure in heart as Jules so often bragged had left her angry.

And she wasn’t about to allow this female traitor to go through with the wedding tomorrow when she had the power to alter the situation. Jules had to know the truth.

For almost two weeks she had replayed that repulsive scene over and over in her mind, trying to determine the best approach in proceeding.

In the end, she had decided that honesty was always the best policy – just as she’d been taught by her parents who had long passed earth to a better place.


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