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Free Love Story by Sharen Taylor Griffin: The Haunted Ranch, Page 1


Jane E. Cup flung back her mop of blond hair and narrowed the deep blue eyes at Rock E. Winston. 

What a total waste of male hormones. Stubborn, greedy and rude - yes, that pretty much summed-up things where this determined male was concerned she decided in silence. After all, it hadn’t done any good – talking to him, trying to make him see reason. 

He had assumed that he should have the last rental car – and how dare anyone question his authority! 

Jane begged to differ. The roads were knee-deep in snow; if anyone should be stranded - it should be Rocky Winston. And imagining a frozen Rocky actually helped calm her miserable thoughts. 

She stiffened further as he continued to yell at the innocent-looking clerk. 

“Look puddin’ head! I reserved the car, and I intend to drive it off the lot. Princess here can book a hotel-” 


“Mr. Winston,” the clerk sighed in frustration. “I’ve already told you that there are no hotels available in the area due to the unexpected blast of white powder-” 

“Then she can book a motel - something with a number in the name,” Rock insisted, losing all patience, the clerk turning to share a shocked glance with Jane. 

Returning his attention to the difficult and defiant Rock, the clerk eased out, “There isn’t any local lodging available in town, Mr. Winston.” 

After he allowed him to digest the information, he continued, “As to the car being double-booked, it’s a computer error. We don’t claim to be perfect. Not our fault that the car was double-booked, rather Headquarters little mistake. And if you insist on getting technical about the issue, the car is equally booked to this good lady.”

Rock snarled at him, not in the least satisfied as to the direction of the conversation. 

The clerk suggested, “Perhaps you should flip a coin?”


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