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Maiden Sky, A Free Short Love Story - Page 1

A Love Story Written by Willow Windsong


Misty hugged deeper inside of her winter coat, seriously considering her odds of survival. If she died – it was all her fault.

Her fault for being snookered by a handsome liar in a business suit. Her fault for assuming that said-liar cared for her – that she and said-liar were on their way to a wedding chapel in Vegas. Her fault for not even questioning said-liar’s marital status.

Then again, he would have probably lied about that too.

For the last six weeks he had nicely danced around the issue she realized in retrospect.

It was the story of her life – always late and a dollar short.

She’d been walking in the bitter cold for the last hour, her legs moving along the strip of road by sheer will alone, parts of her body still quaking from the abuse inflicted by the imbecile she had imagined she’d fallen in love with.

The area was desolate – not even one vehicle had passed during the last hour. So much for the age old saying, ‘nothing in this life if certain’ because if she didn’t find shelter soon, she’d certainly freeze to death.


Eddy. Eddy Frockinheimer. Eddy Frockinheimer the liar, Misty tacked onto her miserable thoughts, her intense anger the only thing keeping her the slightest bit warm.

It had all started last week when he’d mentioned an upcoming business meeting in Las Vegas, Nevada to her – that it was time for the two of them to tie the knot.

Misty had been skeptical but Eddy had assured her that she loved him – that it was past time for them to set up housekeeping together.

She had questioned Eddy’s proclamation of her love for him; she had liked him tremendously. But love? She’d expected more; bells, whistles, exploding rockets in the air – all the wonderful things that one imagined whenever true love was involved. But never having been in love before – she had trusted Eddy rather than her own good sense.

The idiot that she was, she had sold everything she’d owned except the few meager items in the small bag she was currently carrying. Her car, her furniture, sundry items – everything because she had assumed she would be moving into Eddy’s plush apartment after the wedding ceremony.


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