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The Rancher's Wife, a Free Romance Story - Page 1

Set in the Old West

A Love Story Written by Willow Windsong


Mary turned her head to gaze out the widow of the stage, her blue eyes colliding with one of the drivers as his upside-down head appeared before her, totally blocking the view of the tumbling tumbleweeds in the distance that had been dancing in front of the boulders, slowly being driven along by the wind.

His foot-long mustache was dangling below him as his bowed-mouth addressed them.

‘Only two more miles, ladies!’ he yelled before vanishing from sight, the tumbling tumbleweeds reappearing before Mary’s eyes, her ears feeling suddenly deafened.

‘Oh dear! How do I look?’ the woman named Emma asked her other three companions, her eyes darting to each and ignoring Mary.

Not that she cared; the four had been ignoring her since the beginning of the journey.

Mary supposed that every group demanded an outcast in order to be perfectly human. A pecking order – and she appeared to always be the one chosen to get pecked the hardest.

Like guns popping from holsters, hair brushes suddenly appeared in the ladies’ hands as well as an assortment of make-up and powder puffs - and overpowering perfumes concocted in the east.


Mary amused herself by watching them for a few moments, and then returned her attention to the tumbling tumbleweeds wondering what might await her in the town of Promise.

A husband? A permanent home? A future? The future was always so unpredictable even amid the most predictable of times.

The ride on the stage from the east to the west had been an ordeal in itself. Mary had never fought so much dust in her life and her four female companions hadn’t made the long and languorous journey any easier to tolerate.

All five of them were mail order brides - traversing to the west in hopes of a better life.

Pretty girls in the east without money didn’t get very far along Life’s Pathway whereas the ugly rich ones could have their pick where men were concerned.

And for a woman who was both pretty and rich – there were no limitations.

As for Mary….she was somewhere in-between where appearance was concerned. She highly suspected that most would consider her a plain-looking woman.


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