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Reckless Surrender, a Free Online Romance Story

A free short love story.

A Love Story Written by Willow Windsong


‘Hold still, Little Ricky,’ Tia instructed, a smile attached to her face as she worked to secure the pink and white polka dot bow around the little dog’s neck.

‘Isn’t Wilson going to be surprised?’ she giggled. ‘And particularly over the new camera. This should be a very happy birthday for him.’

The camera hadn’t been cheap - six hundred, sixty-six dollars and no change. Hopefully the triple set of sixes wasn’t an omen.

Nonetheless, Wilson had dreamt of this camera for months now - eight months to be specific as that had been how long they’d been together.

He was a college student, majoring in science - a genius in the making.

Tia felt honored that he had even considered her; she was simply a flower delivery girl with high aspirations of one day opening up a private martial arts school. She was a sixth degree black belt, certainly well-qualified in the art.


And that ‘six hundred, sixty-six dollars and no change’ was the result of five years’ worth of hard-earned savings.

But Wilson was worth every penny, she went on to smile as she continued thinking about him. In fact, she could imagine marriage in their cards in the distant future. Of course, Wilson would want to graduate first - and get his career on course.

As to his birthday celebration, the evening had been carefully planned. Her best friend Stacy would arrive shortly with her boyfriend Steve who just happened to be Wilson’s roommate.

Tia had told Wilson that she had to work overtime - and had apologized profusely. Steve had told him that he would be out with Stacy for the weekend, spending time in the mountains camping.

Tia suddenly imagined the surprised look that would be etched onto Wilson’s face when they burst into the apartment with the big birthday cake - white with white frosting as was Wilson’s favorite, as well as with the new camera.

Steve had ingeniously suggested that she leave the camera unwrapped so that he could capture his roommate’s surprised expression.


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