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Rich & Ugly

A Western Romance Story Written by Willow Windsong


Clyde McCord’s six foot three frame shrunk a good three inches as he viewed the scene before him.

Mouth agape, his dark beady eyes wandered over the shrimp of a woman who he’d desperately tried to vanquish from his memory bank for eighteen long years, yet never achieving to accomplish such.

It was her alright. Petite,blond – and she’d allowed her golden mane to run down her back, looking like some wild and beautiful palomino. And if anyone knew horses, it was Clyde.

Bella. Bella Goosi, the girl bullied in the schoolyard because of her name.

Her mother was a natural born fool. The girl had enough to live down with that last goosey-like name. With Bella as her given name, those wildcat classmates had worked like an army of ants on a package of leftover fast food honey, teasing her from the moment she arrived at school until the end of the school day.

Bella LaGoosi. That’s what they called her and it had rankled Clyde’s senses senseless.

He’d felt terrible for her – had ended up in more than one fight defending her. His nose still bore the carnage, a bit crooked from being cracked but not broken. Sort of like Bond’s shaken, not stirred.

She never knew about these feisty moments – Clyde defending her honor. That’s the last thing he’d needed – those school bullies pairing him with her.

Not that she wasn’t pretty. It’s just that she was unusual. While other girls her age had worn clothes suiting the era, Bella had looked more gypsy than all-American girl.

Long peasant skirts that had more colors that Joseph’s Biblical coat. Rain or shine, hot or cold, Bella always wore boots that laced up the front. How high up, he didn’t know – didn’t even want to entertain that idea as the length of the peasant outfits fell below her knees in varying degrees.

As to the jewelry, one might have assumed that her daddy owned an ancient pirate’s treasure chest.

He remembered one specific morning when Mister Looper had been amid one of his usual bland teaching moments and the sun had beamed into the room – hitting Bella’s gold-spangled set of Bunyan-like earrings before suddenly shifting the light beams onto Mister Looper. His mouth, dead center. Continue Free Love Story - Rich & Ugly


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