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Free Love Story: The Secret

Written by Willow Windsong

Jack dropped down beside of Anna on the plush leather sofa, his beloved wife of thirty glorious years bouncing in the process. 

They hadn’t always been able to afford such lush furnishings and the big house that Jack had built for them more than a decade ago. These comforts were the result of his hard work on the thriving horse ranch teamed with his lovely Anna’s equally hard work. 

He considered her the prettiest filly this size of the Pecos as well as the best cook. The top drawer of their bedroom chest was over spilling with blue ribbons that testified of such. 

Not only was she the best wife, she was also the best mother. She had raised the four orphans that Jack had taken in on impulse and a breaking heart – Matt, Joe, Kenny and Ricky. At the time, Matt had been sixteen, Joe fourteen, Kenny ten and Ricky the youngest at only eight years old. 

What he’d done had been beyond sane reasoning; at the time he’d been struggling to make ends meet. 

Matt and Joe had pitched in to help out with daily chores involved with ranch life – and those tasks necessary for basic living needs while Kenny had volunteered to look out after his youngest brother, Ricky – now called Rick as he had matured into a fine young man. 

Jack had been at his wit’s end during this time – the boys requiring an education, as well as a mother - so that he could freely concentrate on the ranch. Although the older boys assured him that they didn’t need further schooling, Jack thought otherwise. He knew how important it was to secure an education. 

The situation appeared dire…and then Anna arrived into his life.

Shortly after they married, Daniel arrived.

This mix of five shared no bloodlines with both Anna and him, but they loved them as if they were their own offspring that they had spawned together. 

After the marriage they’d had three more strong boys together – John, Buck and Jake. And then Breezy arrived - their only daughter.


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