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Tohelluride, an Online Romance Story

A Free Short Love Story Written by American Storyteller Willow Windsong


“I thank the fire’s finally out,”Virgil drawled in a western twang, his beady dark eyes scoring over the charred, still-smoking field of what had been sun-ripened wheat only thirty minutes ago. 

His large gloved hands were riddled with burn holes, smoke towering from the burned areas resembling smoke floating out of a warm mouth on a cold winter’s day. 

He extracted the straw hat which had experienced massive damage from the fire and gingerly beat it against the gloves in an attempt to stamp out any smoldering embers. 

His boss Matt chose to remove his entirely, tossing it to the ground, but it did nothing to douse his frustration. 

Frustration? It was a heckofva lot more than that. The wheat crop was toast and without a crop, he didn’t have a chance in Texas of making good on his bank loan. 

Goodbye ranch, he silently mocked, resisting the desire to jump up and down on his smoldering cowboy hat with his smoldering boots. 


With effort, he turned to Virgil and asked, “Exactly - how did this happen?” although it really didn’t matter now. 

“I told ya the whole story as we wuz stomping out the fire,” Virgil reminded with a lazy drawl, plopping his hat back onto his bald head, Matt taking note of the cowboy’s singed eyebrows. 

Matt knitted his lips tightly together in frustration. “Hard to hear over a raging ring of fire, don’t you think?” he challenged, his tone a mocking one. 

“Alright, alright, I’ll tell it AGAIN,” Virgil emphasized, his leathered face knotting into a tight ball, reminding Matt of an apple head doll. 

Then he released a pent-up sigh and eased out, “Tramp started the fire.” 

Matt delivered another mocking glance and challenged, “You’re telling me that a dog is responsible for this-this catastrophe?” 

“Yes, for the second time, YES!” Virgil mocked, sitting on the ground so he could remove his smoldering boots. As he landed with a thud his face gnarled tighter-still. “Charred leather,” he mocked, holding one up for his impatient boss’s inspection. 


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