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Set in Present Day Time

A Love Story Written by Willow Windsong


Lena scrolled her blue eyes over the vast Montana landscape, delivering a hopeless sigh. She'd been stranded for over four hours, and still - not a soul in sight.

The agency she worked for had warned her of the desolation of the area where her new patient resided - had warned her of the limited amount of cell phone usage. And given such, Lena should have been more prepared.

No food, no water - only her medical bag and other necessary items for Mister Rance Eagle's therapeutic needs.

Looking at what remained of the left back wheel - which was now more rod than wheel - who could have predicted that the rental car would experience a blowout? Then again, these underused dirt-topped roads were mined with potholes, and Lena decided that due to the desolation of the area, it didn't receive a plethora of maintenance from the county.

She'd gone against the grain of her personal motto: "Always expect the unexpected."

Why hadn't she checked to see if the rental had been equipped with a spare tire? This was a good example of what happens when one trusts other people, she tacked onto her raging thoughts. And yes, this wasn't the healthiest mind-set, but this dastardly situation was the result of cheating Steve. But she wasn't going to think of him right now. She had bigger fish to fry.

And with that thought, her tummy delivered yet-another boiling growl.

At this point, her only solution was to return to the city she'd left over an hour ago. It was another hour to her destination.

Because she'd have to make the walk with no water and no food it seemed more likely that she'd encounter assistance closer to town than if she continued to Mister Eagle's house.

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