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North Texas Birding Report for 2015

2014 Bird Sighting Report for North Central Texas


Welcome to our 2015 Texas Birding Report. We have been documenting our little feathered friends in this area of North Central Texas for years now.

From our reports we can note significant changes in migratory patterns. For example, one year the hummingbirds appeared in mid-March - the next, not until mid-May. Global warming certainly plays a large roll in the migratory pattern.

Migration 2015 Begins!

End of November 2015

It is Thanksgiving Eve & we have been enjoying the visitors in our birding area. Today we have feeding: a small flock of juncos which will likely winter here, one yellow-rumped warbler, a few cardinals, miscellaneous sparrows - particularly Harris, Chipping & White-Crowned, and a Northern Flicker.

Around mid-November we started to see limited flocks of Sandhill Cranes making their way south for the winter.

October 2015

We have noticed a gathering of bluebirds and scissortails. The meadowlarks are started to move closer inland and are more visible.

On October 9th we saw the first white crowned sparrow of the season.


At the end of August we had to put out several more feeders for the migratory hummingbirds.

The hummingbirds migrated out of our area on September 28, 2015.

Sandhill Cranes

No sight yet - but looking to the middle-to-end of October for their migratory flight south for the winter.

Side Note: Bluejays & Other Late-Summer Bird Spottings in Our Area of Parker County

We have noted that we have not seen a bluejay in our area in several weeks now; generally we have quite a few. In the last week of August we have the following birds in our birding area:

- An abundance of FEMALE Painted Buntings. No males.
- Chickadees [minimal]
- Titmice [minimal]
- A wide variety of sparrows.
- Red-Shouldered Hawk [which is keeping birds at bay]
- Purple Finch [minimal - and they've been here all summer this year]
- Northern Mockingbirds
- Hummingbirds [Ruby-Throated, Rufus, Black-Chinned]
- Red-Bellied Woodpecker
- Downy Woodpecker
- Crows
- Black-headed Vultures
- Owls [calls heard at night]
- Cowbirds
- Kingbird
- Cardinals - in huge supply
- Mourning Doves
- Texas Bluebirds

Summer 2015, Migration of Hummingbirds

Early August - yes you read correctly - EARLY August [around the 5th] the hummingbirds appear to have migrated south for the fall and winter months. About 90% of them left. Before they left, they increased their feeding so much that we had to put out more feeders. I predict an early fall - and I hope that I'm right!

Summer birding included Scissortail Flycatchers, a few Titmice, a few Chickadees, lots of male and female Cardinals, lots of Texas Bluebirds, Cowbirds and Sparrows.

Spring 2015, Migration of Sandhill Cranes

On March 16, 2015 we noted the beginning of the sandhill crane migration. They took flight in small numbers. On March 23, their numbers appeared to have increased. During the fall of 2014 we witnessed literally thousands of them flying overhead, migrating south for the winter.

Update: On March 24th we saw hundreds of sandhill cranes migrating north. We are lucky in that we are directly in their flight path.

Also, we may see one or two bluebirds during the winter months, but not flocks as viewed during warmer weather. We're starting to see an influx of bluebirds returning to our birding area - and our bird boxes are starting to fill with nesting material.

The goldfinches are starting to migrate, but we still have a few left on this March 28th date.

Meadowlarks have retreated from our birding area [early March], returning to the fields to feed.

Because of the recent March rains, we have an abundance of green grass & have already had to mow two times [this week]. The insects are also starting to emerge, and that's good news for our feed bill.

Winter, January - February 2015


Just four years ago we had so many goldfinch that had migrated to our woods during winter that it was challenging to feed all of them. This year - less than 50 goldfinch.


The number of cardinals in our feeding area have increased four-fold [at least] over the last few years.


We have a good number of red-headed woodpeckers and downy woodpecker. At times we'll have a visit from a Northern flicker - but this year, no yellow-bellied sapsuckers.


We didn't see any towhees in our birding area this winter, a first for the last 7 years that we've been monitoring bird visits.

Chickadees, Sparrows, Titmice, Cowbirds, Yellow-Winged Blackbirds, Mockingbirds, Meadowlarks

We had a very low number of the above birds this winter - less than 10 of each species spotted per viewing, excepting the sparrows which were a-plenty; however there were low numbers of Harris and White-Crowned sparrows with no visits from the fox sparrow this winter. Also missing in action were the brown thrasher, ruby-crowned-kinglet and yellow warbler.


We noted a couple of Carolina wrens in our birding area this winter. We've never had more than this during the years we've monitored bird activity.

Noted Decrease in Number of Birds

During fall and winter of 2014 and the spring of 2015 we have also noted a vast decrease in the number of birds visiting our area of North Central Texas. As a note, we are just outside of the Fort Worth area - to the north.

Join Us Here for Updates

We'll keep you posted as to the late spring migrators as well as the arrival of the hummingbirds.

Migration of Sandhill Cranes Last Fall

Sanhill cranes, migration.

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