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Texas Fall & Winter Birding Report for 2016

2014 Bird Sighting Report for North Central Texas


Welcome to our 2016 Texas Birding Report for the fall & winter months. We will also include bird sightings & visitors for the winter months of 2017.

We have been documenting our little feathered friends in this area of North Central Texas at this website for years now. I have lived in Texas all of my life - so I'm fortunate to have 'inside information' about the 'outside birds'.

Fall 2016, Migration of Hummingbirds

It is September 28, 2016 and the hummingbirds migrated from our area in mid August - and then a few days later a large flock of migraters started feeding at our feeders. It seemed that this group was larger than the group we'd had all summer. They exited last week. We saw a little female after that - and now she is gone.

Fall 2016, Scissortails

They began teaming about a week ago and have since departed.

Fall 2016, Wildlife & Birding Concerns

The oddest thing is happening regarding our wildlife. Just a couple of weeks ago we had the following night visitors:


Mother raccoon &her 5 babies.
Mother raccoon & her 3 babies.
1 young male raccoon.
1 very elderly raccoon with her 2 babies.
3 possums.
Mother deer & her 2 fawns.

Our daytime visitors:

Scores of squirrels. [we put out pecans for them]

And a good selection of the following birds: cardinals. chickadees, mockingbirds, woodpeckers - including the downy, purple finch, scissortails, assorted sparrows, kingbird, buntings and lots of hummingbirds. We had a huge flock of cowbirds visit us towards the end of August. They seem to do this every year.

Of course, the hummingbirds migrated along with the scissortails. We saw & heard their delightful songs as they gathered about a week ago. We have not seen or heard the snowgeese in migration yet - but that should still be weeks away.

So we were worried at first that someone poisoned the coons, possums & squirrels - and then we realized that something has also happened with our birds.

We've lived here almost 10 years now - and it's the first time that we've been without our cardinals. They are [or were] prolific at our feeders. We've seen babies grow into adults.

So we are puzzled. What has happened to our wildlife? The only thing we can figure is that it's going to be a very bitter winter????

It's a huge shock. We are used to critters in our woods year-round, and now - suddenly nothing. Really, really.....odd and puzzling.

Right now - and for the last week - we only have a squirrel or 2, a handful of assorted sparrows and 1 purple finch who looks raggedy.

Migration of Sandhill Cranes With Moon High in Daylight Skies, Taken 2014

Sanhill cranes, migration.

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