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Big Tex Burns & Goes Up in Flames at the State Fair of Texas

Written by Lipstick 'n Boots


Sad but so, yesterday - October 20, 2012 - just two days before the State Fair of Texas officially closes, Big Tex got a hot head and went up in flames. Literally. The tall, tall Texas turned from one heavy dude to a smoldering metal frame by day's end, shocking many a fair-goer.

We had visited mere days before and we took some of the last photos of Big Tex standing tall and proud which we have shared below.

Of course, the fair will never be the same; this 52 foot tall dude was an icon and one of the must-sees when visiting. He has withstood numerous bouts of foul weather - wind, rain, bird droppings, and perhaps even some hail in his long life, but he couldn't stand up to the heat.

We imagine that the people who are in charge of this annual event will resurrect Big Tex - perhaps with an updated, new and improved version. Sometimes it's best to go with an update because when the old is recreated, it's just not the same. It's much like having a beloved golden retriever die - then purchasing another younger and healthier golden retriever to take its place. Something is definitely lost in transit.

The backside of the charred Big Tex did have a flat backside and his face may have been more scary than cheery to many a fair visitor. I remember seeing him the first time as a teen, and indeed he did frighten me. But as I've aged, his features became associated with the fair and I found that I wasn't so frightened of him anymore. In fact, I have received great joy in photographing people who view the massive statue for the first time. And the voice behind the larger than life cowboy was always fun to hear.

This is one of the last pictures taken of Big Tex before he was burned to death:

picture of Big Texas before being burned

And here is a close up image of the big head:

picture of Big Tex cowboy hat

Flat Backside

picture of Big Tex bluejeans

A Side View Image

picture of side view of Big Tex

Portrait of Big Tex

picture of Big Tex portrait

Rest in peace, dear friend and know that you have provided fair-goers with great joy over the last sixty years of life.

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