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Story of the Owl Flute

Written by Lipstick 'n Boots Thomas A. Griffin


I'd like to kick off this section of Lipstick 'n Boots by sharing a story written by my husband. It is a true story that happened not so long ago and seems fitting for the subject of nature photography. To visit our current galleries, these links will take you there:

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The Story of the Owl Flute by Tom Griffin

I went for a walk on our property, as I often do to commune with nature and bring calm into my life.

As I walked, I contemplated my new interest in playing the flute and what instrument I would really like to have next.

My wife and I both like the Native American style flute, and although we both are getting a little up there in years, we are both doing well enough with our flutes to justify the purchase of a high quality flute that we will cherish until old age finally takes its toll on us. 

As I was nearing the end of my walk, I decided to rest awhile in a small clearing which we have made into our bird watching area.

I sat down in the folding chair we keep there and settled in to see who might visit, even though I knew that at this time of year (mid  October) not many different kinds of birds were likely to appear.

This time, however was truly the exception! After about ten minutes of resting, I was just about to get up and head back to the house to settle in for the evening, when all of a sudden a large owl silently flew in across the ravine and landed on a small branch directly in front of me not more than twenty feet away! I simply could not believe my good fortune and was very careful to be as still as possible, even though I knew that he was very aware of me being there. 

We stared at each other for long while until he relaxed and proceeded to look around, occasionally looking back my way to make eye contact once again. After quite some time, he flew up onto a higher branch and we watched each other through the leaves.


Eventually, he decided it was time to go, as dusk was approaching and Iím sure he had better things to do, so he flew down from his perch and passed not more than a few feet beside me as he made his way into the woods.

Although I could have reached out and touched his wing, I stayed still until he passed by and then quickly turned around to see where he was headed off to, but he had already disappeared into the trees. 

I was so excited and couldnít wait to tell my wife of my good fortune, which I did as soon as I arrived back at the house.  ~ Tom Griffin

I thought this was a very heartwarming story; it is a shortened version of his original story - that is actually quite spooky. He had been searching for a flute and so had I. Amazingly, we had been looking at the same flute - unaware of what the other was doing. And the flute had a carved owl on top - which really placed emphasis on his experience with the owl in the woods.

After hearing his story, I told him that I had the most amazing thing to share - and when I showed him the owl flute - he almost fainted  - and then I almost did likewise when he told me that he too had been eyeing-up this flute! We decided that the owl was an omen that he should purchase and enjoy the flute.

Stranger still is that the flute was located in Griffin, Georgia and Griffin is his surname, being a descendent of some of the Griffins of Tennessee, he had been told of Cherokee ancestry through his father by both Tom's mother and Tom's fatherís sister.  He knew at this point that he was to be the keeper of this flute, and so it has come to be. Perhaps it really is true that sacred flutes will eventually find their player.

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