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Set in the Old West

A Love Story Written by American Author Willow Windsong


Marshall Rance Kincade studied the beauty seated across from him as the stagecoach made fast tracks to the waiting station at Boggy Creek. From there it was a matter of half an hour to reach his home in Tumbleweed, Texas. And the trip had been exhausting, transporting a murderer all the way to Tombstone. Indeed, he was anxious to get home.

The beautiful lady had been in his company for the last four hours of his journey and he had yet to learn her name. Never had he been so entranced by a woman's beauty - her fair-colored flawless skin, the honey-blond hair, the sapphire eyes and the way that her cornflower-blue riding dress hugged her hourglass form.

But one thing he did know about her; she had the patience of a saint. For two straight hours he'd sat beside her as the two sisters that had boarded the coach back in Handley had ranted on relentlessly in voices so high they'd break the finest crystal. It seemed the dames didn't ketty to their oldest sister's new husband - and they had embarked on a mission of mercy, making a surprise visit in dire hopes of rectifying the wretched marriage.

Rance had felt a rod of pity for the unsuspecting sister, much less her husband - even if what the sisters had discussed had been the truth. Nothing worse than meddlers - other than criminals.

There the four of them had sat, the stagecoach bouncing merrily along - yet not as bouncy as it'd been since the new harness and frame system had been added to the stage lines. Horses were much happier with not only the improved ease of the load but also rid of the havoc it had wreaked on their shoulders and flesh. The invention was one that Rance considered as the best of modern technology. Then again, there was talk of the iron horse over the horizon.

The beauty had sat contentedly knitting and she had a way with those needles, moving them so smoothly as she'd worked the yarn into what appeared to be a sweater in the making.


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