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Set in the Old West

A Love Story Written by Willow Windsong


Jessica Warbucks was curious. It was in her nature. There was no fighting it. And this time her curiosity overruled her good sense.

The ranch house next door had been vacant for ages. The last resident was Mister Stonewall - and if he were still alive and kicking, he had to be close to one-hundred years old.

Someone had purchased the ranch - of that she had no doubt. There had been a swarm of activity throughout the evening hours of the day. Jessica had no idea - and could only imagine how busy the ranch must be during the early hours of the day. During these hours she was hard at work at the Mane Street beauty parlor.

It was difficult - keeping a steady hand as she held her grandfather's large pair of binoculars to her eyes, trying to get a closer glimpse of the going on's at the ranch next door.

Cowboys.....a half dozen she counted. And she saw that they had moved a large herd of horses onto the ranch lands - nice, expensive looking horses she went on to note.

Two of the cowboys were carrying a beautiful, intricately carved buffet into the front door of the house. She guessed it was crafted of oak based on its hue. But my, grandfather's binoculars were quite strong and useful she went on to note.

Buttercup ambled over to her and rested his oblong head onto her shoulder, wanted to be petted again- sweet horse that he was. These days he was her one and only companion. Sure, there were the girls that worked with her at Mane Street - on Main Street she silently chuckled, but Jessica was a challenging person to befriend. Oh - she was friendly enough and quite kind. It's just that she didn't enjoy parties and other outings, making her an outcast of sorts. She was more family-oriented, but since the passing her of grandparents she no longer had any family. She was the last one standing and it didn't feel one bit good.

Re-concentrating her attention onto the ranch next door she saw that a few of the cowboys were busy repairing the old barn, digging a hole for a post. Swerving the binoculars to the right, a handsome figure of a man blurred into view as she refocused.

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