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The Love Bug

A Love Story Written by Willow Windsong


Thursday, December 24th - Dallas, Texas

“Kerry, I can’t thank you enough for your help,” Uncle Ernie told her as they neared the terminal building of the massive airport. “It has been ten years since I’ve spent Christmas with my sister and I‘m looking forward to that with wild anticipation,” he assured, hugging her closer to him, “And I have you to thank for coming to my rescue.”

“You’re welcome, Uncle Ernie,” Kerry smiled as they neared the entrance doors. “You are my favorite uncle, you know?”

“Darling - I’m your only uncle,” he laughed, his ample belly shaking in the process. Then, “Oh my gosh - look over there, Kerry!”

Their gaze suddenly shifted onto the tall man standing on the curb beside the yellow cab. He was desperately trying to gain the attention of the cabby who appeared oblivious to the world, his head bobbing up and down as rap music vibrated the cab.

The tall man‘s hands were caught in the small gap of window opening - the left containing several bills, possibly the tip - his right hand, a well-stuffed wallet.

As the cabby sped away, the man had no other choice but to drop the bills and the wallet into cab, otherwise he would have been dragged alongside the cab into the busy traffic.

“Poor guy; what rotten luck,” Uncle Ernie drawled as they hastened their steps and entered the terminal building. “Hopefully he has a cell so he can call for backup.”

“The shattered look on his face…it’s etched in my mind, Uncle Ernie. Perhaps we should backtrack and make sure he’s not stranded. After all, ‘tis the season,” Kerry reminded, unable to forget the handsome man’s look of total exasperation.

“We can’t, darling,” Uncle Ernie assured. “Plane will be taking off soon - and I plan to be on board. I’m sure he’ll find his way. He appeared quite efficient. Nicely dressed. And that wallet, did you notice?”

“Nicely stuffed,” Kerry managed, tinged with guilt.

They really should have taken a moment to ensure the stranger wasn’t without resources, particularly given the busy airport, and the holiday traffic; wouldn’t be good to be stranded. Hopefully, he had a cell or some pocket change so he could call for backup as Uncle Ernie had suggested.

Forty-five minutes later, she kissed her uncle on the cheek, wishing him a safe trip and a Merry Christmas.

“I want you to have some fun on your trip back to Little Rock, darling. A Christmas gift from your er…favorite uncle,” he told her, stuffing a couple of one-hundred dollar bills into her purse, Kerry protesting - but a tab too late as he rushed to board the plane, all smiles now.

He turned briefly to view her, smiled, waved and then continued on his way.


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