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The Hex - What to do when the old ex girlfriend returns.

Written by Lipstick 'n Boots

Our feature article will guide you step-by-step through this harrowing ordeal! She's back! Reptiles seem to never die. It's as if they've been hexed with eternal life - wriggling, winding, slithering into your life to squeeze the love out of your relationship and suck it into a potential new relationship with your guy. They know all the right buttons to push with your guy because after all, they were once his pride and joy. They had him fooled once before, and they can do it again.

How do they do it? These hexed reptiles flaunt themselves - they flirt, they hint, they coax until finally, they draw your guy into a pit with their clawed fingers, that is filled with endless complaining. Then he's trapped - no where to go! Oh, if only you could have rescued him before he took that big and final fall! If this scenario sounds a bit close to home, here are a few things that will keep the old girlfriend out of the picture.

1.  Don't think like a woman!  For one time in your life, just don't think like a woman! Women are too curious for their own good - just like cats. And we all know what curiosity did to the cat. If the former girlfriend returns to the picture, don't be tempted to ask your boyfriend about her. And that means ANYTHING. Do not ask how he feels about her. Do not ask about any magical moments the two may have shared. Do not even mention her lousy little name. If her name pops up unexpectedly, then let it be through the lips of your boyfriend. And if mentions HER, then let him do the talking. Let him be the rambler. If he offhandedly asks for your input on the topic, tell him bluntly that you are uncomfortable with the subject and that it is against your personal convictions to discuss his ex. If he continues to talk about her, then something isn't quite right in Dodge City.

2. If you must come face-to-face with the old girlfriend, be cordial but not friendly. No need to invite her into your life.

3. If you are with your boyfriend and she happens onto the scene AND begins touching your boyfriend, or laughing against him, etc., then DO NOT get upset with your boyfriend UNLESS he returns the touching. He can't control the situation, and will probably be experiencing great discomfort during the ordeal, rather than any flattery that you might be imagining.

4. Know when to toss in the towel. If the old flame returns and your boyfriend seems overly interested in her, and less interested in you, then know when to fold your hand. Life's too short and not worth spending your time in fighting for someone's love. If it isn't given wholly and freely, then find someone else. The good thing about this is....well, you'll be someone's old girlfriend. But - be nice when/if the opportunity presents itself!  

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