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Dear Jane Letter #1

Written by Lipstick 'n Boots

Dear Jane, it is with great sadness that I must inform you that I was bitten by a werewolf last night. I was walking home, under the bright full moon and the next thing I knew - the beast was upon me.

As you know, there is no known cure for those unfortunate souls who suffer from the bite of the werewolf. Believe me, I have spent hours pondering our break-up, wondering the consequences that it will have on you.

As for me, my love - don't worry for I shall never forget about you. Whenever I turn werewolf and stand bared to the world under the light of a full moon, I'll howl over you - a long, ponderous, lingering howl - a howl that wretches to be unleashed from the bottom of my soul.

Please go on with your life as it's what I want you to do. Never look back!  Sometimes, love really does bite. Sincerely, Woofy

Dear Jane Letter #2

Dear Jane, it is with great intensity that as much as I love you, I love my miniature car collection more.

Please - don't be jealous. Fight those green-eyed-monster feelings boiling up inside of you. You can do it!

And yes, I know that it must be a blow to me sidelined by a tiny chunk of metal coated with plastic, but Jane - they have wheels. They can take me all sorts of fun places in my mind unlike my relationship with you. I can envision driving to Spain, to Italy, to China even.

With you and I, the driving is limited to the local Dairy Diner and double-meat, double-cheese burger - and then the $1 movie theater. Jane, do you realize what I could do with that $1? I could give a loving home to a miniature car.

A penny for your thoughts. Sincerely, Rod

Dear Jane Letter #3

Dear Jane, do you remember that movie with Tom Hanks where he was a little boy trapped inside of a man's body?  

Yes, Jane - I am a little boy.  All this time you believed me to be a giant man, but you were wrong.  And until now, I just didn't know how to tell you that you were wrong about me, about my age, about my size and all.

I am planning on trying to find a magic music machine so that I can return to my little boy state but I didn't want to just go away without letting you know.

Maybe in another thirty years or so we can have a real relationship. But for now, all I want to do is to go home and pet my dog and float my toy boat in the bathtub. Sincerely, Frankie


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