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Set in the Old West

A Love Story Written by Willow Windsong


Snow Fairchild braved the bitter winds of the oncoming winter storm. The gray clouds billowing in the sky foretold of the impending storm's arrival several hours ago, directly after she'd arrived on the train in Babbling Brook, Texas.

With dusk pulling-in the daylight until the morrow she hoped that there was still a room available at the hotel. There had been a good number of travelers on the train who had disembarked at the station. Perhaps she'd spent too much time investigating the town, deciding if this town would be open to accepting her...

In note, perhaps she should consider returning east where her skills would be better-welcomed.

But before going to the hotel, she needed to collect a few personal items. Everything had happened so swiftly when she'd departed on her journey early this morning and she wasn't fully prepared for an overnight stay.

The chain of events had actually began many weeks ago and involved her beloved sick uncle. Being a doctor she had immediately rushed to him but the fever was stronger than medicine.

Although he was very old, his death was difficult to accept. And as she was the last of his living relatives, Snow had inherited everything her uncle had owned.

After his death, she sold his house and made plans to travel to Babbling Brook after hearing that the town was in desperate need of a doctor.

There would be challenges. Lady doctors weren't well-accepted in the West. She'd learned that lesson quite quickly when she'd traveled from the east coast to care for her uncle.

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