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Lipstick 'n Boots has two extensive planners that will assist the bride and groom in creating a memorable wedding and honeymoon on a tight budget.

The Planning Phase

Before you launch out into the deep water take a few special and very important moments to float some ideas past your intended....

The Wedding Planner - Plan #1 - How to plan a simple, formal, elegant wedding and honeymoon for fifty guests for about $300.

The Wedding Planner - Plan #2- Debra and Kevin are our fictitious second couple. They were engaged on Valentine's Day and have opted for a Spring wedding in April.

Their wedding date is set for a Thursday evening and invitations for fifty guests have been sent....



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Romance & Relationship Articles


Monster Love, Monster Breath

Don't kill your love with bad breath...

Pungent garlic, delicate onions and heavenly nacho cheese corn chips go well with anything! Except.......romance....

Confronting the Ex-Girlfriend Issue | Romance Short Stories

Our feature article will guide you step-by-step through this harrowing ordeal! She's back! Reptiles seem to never die. It's as if they've been hexed with eternal life - wriggling, winding, slithering into your life to squeeze the love out of your relationship and suck it into a potential new relationship with your guy...

Bath Salts Recipes

Smell the Romance. There's nothing like scents to set the mood for romance. The retail market has so many wonderful products to choose from these days - potpourri, candles, oils, bath salts - the list is almost endless. Have you ever considered making your own scented products? Bath salts is one of the easiest and economical items you can make...

Seasonal House Decor Ideas

Long cold nights, clear skies, and trees roped in early morning frost – the telltale signs that Old Man Winter has finally arrived.

Romantic Decorating Ideas for the Bedroom

Everyone is a Romantic at heart. Which type are you? Whether you’re contemporary or old-fashioned why not apply your style and transform your bedroom from plain to romantic?

Bambie, Dear in Headlights

Bambie, our little Dear in Headlights ventures out into the Wide-Wide-World of Romance. See how Bambie pumps up her love tires and greases her squeaky axles. As Bambie gallivants through these electronic airwaves some tricky situations include....

Allergy Tips

If you are one of the unfortunates who suffer from allergies, you may way to check over these tips. Allergies interfere with life; with romance. Allergies are one of the top reasons for absences in the workplace....


Candles & Romance & Candle Burning Tips

Love is a flame and when it come to setting the mood for romance, there is nothing quite like the effect of candles. Candles are the symbolic flames of romance! These candle precautions can keep candle time safe. Just ask Dick & Jane, two unfortunates of Candle Mishap...

Candle Personalities

What type of Candle Personality are you? Kitty, Cobra, Giraffe, Bunny, Butterfly, Lion, Gypsy Moth, Camel, Goat, Tortoise, Horny Toad, Dog, Mole, Wide-Mouthed Bass, Pigmy Hedgehog or Monkey?

Mary Ann or Ginger?

Kirk had spent the last 12 months in solitary confinement - or equivalently so. No intimate contact with the female species; no dates, romantic phone calls, or intimate whispers into the ear....

Massage in a Bottle

Massage is an excellent way to enhance your romance. Massage can be a very sensual experience...

Fondue Equals Romance

Spend a romantic evening alone – just you, your lover and your fondue pot. Turn the lights down low, slide 'your' song into the CD player and light some scented candles to intensify the romantic aura....

Dear John Letters

Are you having trouble getting rid of that special no-one? If so, perhaps a Dear John letter would be of help. What's that? Oh. You've never written a Dear John letter before...

Dear Jane Letters

Dear Jane, it is with great sadness that I must inform you that I was bitten by a werewolf last night. I was walking home, under the bright full moon and the next thing I knew - the beast was upon me...

How Can You Mend a Broken Heart?

There aren't many things in life that can match the 'magic of romance' experienced in the beginning of a relationship. Unfortunately, time can tarnish things. Our magical romance may revert into one ugly demon, our dream revolving into a living nightmare...

Symptoms of AIDS

AIDS awareness has slowly been played down in the news media. However, AIDS is alive and well in today's world. If you tend to be promiscuous or just occasionally participate in free love, take a moment to read and review the dangers of this very preventable killer....

Fun Compatibility Quiz

Time for a fun and romantic quiz! What type of inner spirit are you? Does adventure grab your nanny goat, or does the woods bring out the animal in you? Grab a pen…


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