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Finding Online Romance

The Internet can be a very good 'modem' for meeting people and one of the most enjoyable and effective means of locating that special someone in your life. It's a way to meet a person who shares similar interests, ideas and goals in life..

Free Sample Resumes & Thank You Letters

Preparing for the future is one of the more complicated problems that teenagers face, especially in the area of careers. Where do you begin? How can you deal with the pressure? Why does life have to be so complicated? Why can't we just buy a club and return to days of yore where men wrestled dinosaurs for food and women's biggest challenge was, "Which fur am I going to wear today?" So, where do you begin?

Save Money on Fast Food Dining

Most of the expenses in a personal budget are predictable such as lodging, auto payments, insurance costs, even utility bills. However, when it comes to budgeting for food, the 'predictable' becomes very 'unpredictable'...

Saving Money on Groceries

This article will show you have to cut big $$$$ off your grocery bill – one of the key expenses in your budget! Learn how to shave dollars off your total food bill without giving up nutrition or the foods you both like…

Stressed From Stress

How to identify stress and how stress affects your romantic relationship.


Vain Jane Advice

Vain Jane sees all, Vain Jane does all, Vain Jane knows all, Vain Jane is all. Jane will give you an inside look at the world with a twist - her twist on what is right, what is so wrong, mainly with all of her best friends and the men in her life. Vain Jane is all the rage and outrage that most of us feel towards vain individuals - that is, unless you're a vain individual just like Jane...

More Advice From Vain Jane

VAIN JANE SAYS: Relationships could be a lot more gratifying if everyone would do as I do and travel back to the simpler way of life. There would be so much more time for getting closer and sharing - rather than busily crawling like fire ants through the busy city and countryside....

15 Things Women Love About Men | 15 Things Men Love About Women

Aren’t you glad that you and your partner aren’t exactly alike?

Me Tarzan, You Jane

Do you know who is driving the car in your romantic relationship?

92 In Pigtails

Locked in a Hair Rut? Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair! People can be a lot like cattle; they keep going into the same gate day after day, week after week and so forth....

Romance - Love Birds OR Vultures?

Darla's and Dave's relationship started out ultra wonderful.  So much romance...so much passion!  But as time moved forward, their relationship became beached on Passion Island...

Great Date Suggestions

Perhaps the most popular place to spend a date is at the movie theaters. But that leaves so little time for the important things, like kissing, talking and simply enjoying each other's company. Here are some non-standard ways to spend your next date...


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