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Short Stories Relating to Romance


Taming Little Timmy

Lately, do you find yourself grinding your teeth to powder? If so, you may be the parent of a wild and ambitious five-year old. At this age gender is irrelevant. Your young charge has reached the stage of 'Curiosity', and as we all know, that's what killed the parent…I mean, the cat....

Baby on Board

Your romance is going so smoothly and you've never felt more in love with your partner.

Then quite suddenly, Cupid announces that within a year, your entire romantic relationship will take on a big change - a baby is on the way, testing the waters of your romance...

And Baby Makes Three

Bringing a child into the world is a life event. Some things all prospective parents should consider before beginning…

Relationship Solutions

There's an old saying, "A new broom always sweeps clean". Relationships tend to follow that line. Your romance blooms via fond times together, sweet unyielding love, and poignantly produced memories that you'll feast upon for a lifetime, then suddenly this giant stink bug enters the scene, its vicious teeth gnawing at the roots of your relationship....

Romantic Christmas Gift Ideas & Suggestions

Looking for a special, perfect Christmas gift? Aren't we all! But sometimes, the stores just don't have what we're looking for....

Solutions For Teen Troubles

Well, you've done it again. You've landed yourself in trouble. You've been reminded of the fact about ten times now, too. It gets very old after a while, doesn't it? Older people are the ones more apt to have hearing problems, not you...


The Hope Chest & Dear Diary

A Hope Chest is a fantastic way to begin satisfying your future needs now! So, what is a Hope Chest? It can be any container - from an old trunk to a cardboard box...

Castles of Myth & Men, a Medieval Story

Long ago and far away, in a castle above the clouds, lived a beautiful princess named Helena. The castle lay within a boulder's throw of the beach and oft times Helena would get a pounding migraine that even the strongest of brewed coffees couldn't touch....

3 Fairy Tales

Once upon a time, a long time ago, lived Three Fairies in the wood. Their names were Papa Fairy, Mama Fairy and Baby Fairy. One fine morning, Papa Fairy cooked up some Fairy Tale Pudding for breakfast, with added multiple vitamins. But there was a BIG problem. The whipped topping was hard and frozen and Papa Fairy's pudding just wasn't pudding without whipped topping...

Heart of the Tinman - a Short Love Story

Farren gazed out of the portal of the palace, her blue eyes touching over the green valley below. She felt a bit like Rapunzel, trapped within these palace walls. It had been forever and a day since she'd been able to escape to enjoy nature at its best: the animals that played in the forest kingdom, the sapphire-colored streams, and the never ending sky...


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