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Romantic Holiday Tips & Articles


Halloween Costumes, Ideas & Suggestions

Halloween is one of the least stressful holidays of the year. Ghosts, goblins, bats, witches, pumpkins, skeletons, vampires, werewolves, mummies and daddies - oh my!

Grandmother Finds Romance

Darwin couldn't help himself. Early thirties, Greek god-bod, red corvette and he was attracted to Ms. Witherspoon, an older lady that he had bumped into at the local library one evening while picking up a craft book for his 'now' ex-girlfriend, Freeda...

Romantic Strolls

What to get a little bit closer? Take a romantic stroll and spice up the magic! Five great spots to begin, even at 92...  The Five of the top haunts for romance!

Thanksgiving Tips for the Romantic

About a week before Thanksgiving, avoid serving chicken or turkey. Stick some spicy items in the family’s diet such as homemade chili, hot dogs, and tacos.  By the time Thanksgiving rolls around, they’ll be ‘in the mood’ for bird...

Special Romantic Moments

Bubbles and romance go so well together! A little bubblebath, a bottle of chilled champagne…aahhh, can't you just see all of your problems floating away? Why bubbles are good for you...


Online Dating & Romance

Internet profiles are hotbeds of romantic portfolios. A person can be anyone that they want to be on the Internet – rich, beautiful, handsome, brilliant, degreed and even young. What are some of the more alluring descriptions? Are these people real? Which descriptions gain the most attention? And should you give online dating a chance?

What to Do if HE or SHE Forgot Valentine's Day

Everyone at the office received roses today. Everyone but YOU. HE forgot. Again. Well, calm down. After all, you must remember that he's a man. Men are notorious for forgetting. Historians have documented events in which men actually forgot they were legally, and even illegally, bound to a woman. It happens. A lot. More than twice, too. To the same man, even. But if you're craving a bit of satisfaction, perhaps this will do...

Winterizing Your Home Tips - Money Saving Ideas

Winterizing Your Home - Spend a little, save a bundle – including our valuable resources for future generations.

A Marriage Made in Heaven

Does your mate serve you breakfast in bed, complete with fresh squeezed orange juice? Is there some personally churned butter included? Is there an ironed newspaper on the tray? A napkin folded in the shape of a swan? Yes? Then you probably have a marriage made in heaven….


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