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Original Collection of Poems by Sky Taylor


The Dust

Illuminating from the dust of the desert storm,
A rider so lean, he was skeletal in form.
A tall, white hat rested on the scarred skull,
A star on his chest, anchored above the empty hull.

Flight of the Vampire - an Original Poem

Town cloaked in darkness, way past midnight
Hidden by the shadows, the vampire took flight
Thru the misted fog, the barren streets of town
Searching for prey so his great thirst he could drown....

Poems About Witches

Legend has it that trouble was doubled by the Northdown Witch;
To find her, travel thru the wooded vale, hemmed by a ditch
But be prepared, for as one clawed hand stirs the black caldron;
The other hovers over a book of spells, not penned by the sun....

The Vampire Poem

Beyond the gates and castle walls, Behind the quaint and hidden halls
Thru secret passages leading down, To amber earth below, underground....

Tarzan & Jane, Romantic Poetry Butchered

It's poetry to cry by - but unfortunately not the teary eyed, to-the-heart chase. This is butchered, pathetic, romantic poetry at its best!


Poems About Photography

Took a photo of a bird in flight, but it appeared to be all blurry,
Then again the one with wings had been in quite a hurry.
Couldn't be me - I contemplated, eyeing up the settings,
A pro am I there is no doubt - from nature shots to weddings.....

Poems About Church

Searching for the perfect church, I drove thru town and around,
To seek and find a pristine church of perfect sight and sound.

My journey's been quite difficult you see, as well as oh-so long,
For I'll not settle for second best, for that would be quite wrong...

Poems About Death

Where did you go when you closed your eyes, Sweet little baby, rock-a-bye;

Drifting off to dreamland, chasing the stars, Riding on a horse galloping afar....

Poems About Nature

Today I journeyed against a crooked sky, God's wondrous miracles did I spy

Some I saw at just a glance, Other encounters were circumstance....


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