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Lipstick 'n Boots has two extensive planners that will assist the bride and groom in creating a memorable wedding and honeymoon on a tight budget.

The Planning Phase

Before you launch out into the deep water take a few special and very important moments to float some ideas past your intended....

The Wedding Planner - Plan #1 - How to plan a simple, formal, elegant wedding and honeymoon for fifty guests for about $300.

The Wedding Planner - Plan #2- Debra and Kevin are our fictitious second couple. They were engaged on Valentine's Day and have opted for a Spring wedding in April.

Their wedding date is set for a Thursday evening and invitations for fifty guests have been sent....



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Free Love Stories


Free Love Story: Thunderhead

It was the dead of winter, the naked breasts of the mountains in the distance iced in thick layers of white, crisp snow.

Eden absorbed the beautiful canvas which had been drawn by Mother Nature herself, her heart swelling with pride as she felt an enthusiasm that she had not felt in years.

Had it actually been a decade since her departure from Thorn Hollow?

Red August Moon - Set in the old west. Marshall Rance Kincade is headed home on the stage with a beautiful woman who has captured his interest. But a couple of murdering thieves have other plans for the Marshall and his companion...

The Switch - A humorous short story romance set in the old west....

Mail Order Cowboy - A 'comedy-of-errors' Christian romance set in the old west.

Shadow of the Wolf - The Cherokee village has been hit hard with the fever and Snow Fairchild is Chief Siracco's only hope for survival.....

Butterfly & the Scorpion - Little Frankie needs a mama and is willing to go to any length to get his wish. This humorous short story romance is set in the old west....

Short Romance Story: Red Hot Poker

‘Who the devil are you?’ the tall, dark, handsome cowboy interrogated, Kelly suddenly uncertain about stepping out from the frail protection of the screen door and onto the wraparound porch of her grandfather’s ranch house to address him.

First, the stranger had rang the doorbell repeatedly like a rabid skunk; then he’d reverted to banging on the door prompting Kelly to leave her recuperating grandfather and race to the door.

Baby blue eyes swept up and down his tall, lean form. He was handsome alright – looking as if he’d just stepped off of a Spaghetti Western in full loaded gear....

Lady & the Marshall

JR Schooner is the meanest man in Seven Hills, Texas. But after taking a nasty fall which requires the help of his long-lost niece, is there a chance for redemption? A humorous heartwarming short romance story by Willow Windsong.

Moon Over Montana- Lena Anderson attempts to escape the ghosts of her past by taking a job in Montana. She didn't plan on getting stranded in the middle of No Man's Land. Fortunately, rancher Jack Saints rescues her - but can he rescue her broken heart?

Renegade Cowboy - A humorous western romance by American author, Willow Windsong.

Short Love Story: The Secret

Jack dropped down beside of Anna on the plush leather sofa, his beloved wife of thirty glorious years bouncing in the process. 

They hadn’t always been able to afford such lush furnishings and the big house that Jack had built for them more than a decade ago. These comforts were the result of his hard work on the thriving horse ranch teamed with his lovely Anna’s equally hard work.....

Free Online Love Story: Reckless Surrender

‘Hold still, Little Ricky,’ Tia instructed, a smile attached to her face as she worked to secure the pink and white polka dot bow around the little dog’s neck.

‘Isn’t Wilson going to be surprised?’ she giggled. ‘And particularly over the new camera. This should be a very happy birthday for him.’

The camera hadn’t been cheap - six hundred, sixty-six dollars and no change. Hopefully the triple set of sixes wasn’t an omen....

Online Romance Story: Bride of Inglenook

“You what!” Hawk thundered from the end of the table where he sat, the scrumptious last supper that had been prepared for his half-brother’s departure now heavily dented by their vivacious appetites.

Herbie wriggled in the ladder-back chair, his face looking as uncomfortable as he currently felt. The definition of thunder? Hawk’s face....


Free Love Story Online: Lion of the Hills

See here, young woman! Sir Stafford will certainly hear of this!”

The voice was clipped and direct as the stranger flung out his warning to Rose’s back, the fact that she was ignoring him only flaming his anger.

Unloading the box from her small car, she proceeded to walk to the disintegrating cottage resting in the short distance, her shoulders squared and determined.

She had traveled too far to be intimidated by an idiot - a severely dressed idiot, to be exact, and one who held an English accent...

Love Story: Million Dollar Bimbo

Million Dollar Bimbo is a short love story from Lipstick 'n Boots. When Willow saves Zane's ranch from a black widow's scam, he is furious that she foiled what he'd considered the deal of a lifetime. But once he learns that the sweet deal was the kiss of death he's sent reeling - trying to repair the damage between himself and the lovely Willow....

Cold Moonm an Online Romance Story

“Ana? Is that really you?” Bunny asked, rushing over to the buckboard to close the distance, her older brother Chance darting his head around in disbelief.

What the devil was she doing back in Bugtussle? The woman had severed his heart, making a mockery of their relationship.

She had assumed that he’d never find out her secret – about her relationship with Muldoon Andrews, the cocky overly-handsome rodeo cowboy who had drifted through Bugtussle some three years ago....

The Cowboy from Santana, a Short Love Story

Raven opened the letter from her dear old friend Jason. She’d met him in his youth – at a time when she’d assumed that her life would remain the same as the years marched forward. 

As she opened the letter of this now distinguished attorney who resided on the east coast, she couldn’t help but to reflect on pleasant memories as he’d been influential in changing her path in life, leading her straight into the arms of the most wonderful man and husband that a girl could wish for… 

Twenty-five years earlier….

Deadman's Corner, a Western Romance Story

Creed Hunter

He’s out of money and fears that his nephews are out of time.

The teen twins were kidnapped and held for ransom three months ago, and almost rescued twice by Sheriff Bray Allen of Wormwood.

Creed works as a horse rancher residing in the town of Ashland Falls which is about a day’s ride on horseback from Wormwood and for the last three months he had focused his search for the boys in that area - without success, left with a broken spirit.....


Western Romance Story: Maiden Sky

Misty hugged deeper inside of her winter coat, seriously considering her odds of survival. If she died – it was all her fault.

Her fault for being snookered by a handsome liar in a business suit. Her fault for assuming that said-liar cared for her – that she and said-liar were on their way to a wedding chapel in Vegas. Her fault for not even questioning said-liar’s marital status.

Then again, he would have probably lied about that too....

Mystery, Love Story: Murder at Moonwolf Ranch

Christmas Day

The old man was dead.

The kitchen knife was dripping with fresh blood, still warm as Jack Bryant had succumbed to the Grim Reaper mere seconds ago.

What to do, what to do? It had been an accident, although the law wouldn’t see it that way. Murder - pure and simple, particularly in the small narrow-minded-thinking town of Shadowland.....

Love Story: Ghost Heart

Mariah gazed at her husband-to-be as they stood beneath the arch of spring wildflowers. A feeling of surrealism encompassed her, their journey to this place in time quite unique.

As the minister was reading a rather lengthy piece as requested by the only father she’d ever known, her thoughts drifted back to two years ago when she’d first met Nevada, her one and only true love….

Romance Story: Love is a Goat Head Sticker Patch

Sasha rode towards the neighboring ranch at a fast gallop, the sun in the western sky descending in flames like a roasted marshmallow amid the triple digit temperatures of south Texas.

But the devilish temperature of the early June day didn’t come close to what she was currently feeling where Jules Tanner was concerned....


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