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Mean Mother in Law Stories


Mother in Law Gifts Under a Buck

HAPPY HOLIDAYS - It seems like you spend every holiday at your Mother-in-Law's house! It wouldn't be so bad if she didn't hate you. And you try so hard. But you can't cook, and you can't clean, and you just can't do anything right! So Mother generally prepares the entire holiday feast, then takes care of the clean-up as you stand helplessly by and watch....

Mother in Law Stereotypes, The Icebergs

Code White is dedicated to the mother-in-laws that are embedded in the web of society. This stereotype mom may rarely make an appearance in your life. Or, she may be so wrapped up in her own life that she doesn't give a whang about her offspring's.  

Although this is the least-threatening of the ten levels, a Code White can certainly create problems in a relationship...

Mother in Law Stereotypes, The Storm Chasers

Code Gray is dedicated to the storm-tossed mothers that inadvertently ruin their kid's lives. They may mean well. Or - they may not.  

Regardless, these Storm Chasers create situations that threaten to damage the relationships of their offspring. With a little training you can easily ward off these confronting situations. Read and learn... 

Mother in Law Stereotypes: The Old Windbag

Code Purple is dedicated to wordy mother-in-laws. This stereotype mom tends to never shut up, night and day. She thrives in tooting her own horn. She delights in blowing down your brick house. She swims in joyous splendor, blowing her jug while you dance to her twisted tune.

But take heed because windy-worded oft times translates to lofty places. She's a divine saint you know, and you're not...

Mother in Law Stereotypes: Doctor Mom

Code Blue is dedicated to the Cure-All-That-Ills-My-Child mom. This stereotype mom will intervene at the drop of a pin in any given OR ungiven situation - from lecturing on preventative medicine to repairing the family car.   Although she appears to be helpful, you will find a few claw marks after her 'loving' pat on the back...

Mother in Law Stereotypes: Eye of Hurricane

Code Black is dedicated to the moms with steel hearts. This stereotype mom will manhandle your relationship, your private life, your budget, even the delivery of your firstborn child...


Mother in Law Stereotypes: Earthquake

Mother Earth Quake - Her feet don't touch the ground because she's walking all over you...

Sound familiar?

Mother in Law Stereotypes: Volcanic

Code Yellow is dedicated to eruptive situations brought on by mother. This stereotype mom will often throw tantrums if she doesn't get her way. Don't mess with this mom or you may just get stomped to death. Worse yet, you may just get sucked into the vortex of eternal who knows what... 

Say something - say anything around some mother-in-laws and they'll chop your head off. A Code Yellow will kick it to Kingdom Come & Back Again.  Note: Generally occurs when mother is wearing her stiletto heels....

Mother in Law Stereotypes: Tsunami

Code Orange is dedicated to the malicious mother-in-laws who passed over. Or have they???    

This stereotype mother-in-law seems to never disappear from your life!

Mother in Law Stereotypes: Nuclear

Code Red is dedicated to the Selfish mother-in-laws. This stereotype strives to heap guilt upon their offspring - making them feel indebted to them for the rest of their lives.

If it wasn't for mother - YOU wouldn't exist. It doesn't matter that you exist in living you know what.....

Mother in Law Stereotypes: Sumo Required

Code Taupe is dedicated to the poor souls that must deal with vacillating mother-in-laws. You NEVER know what they are up to!   This level is the most threatening to any relationship - solid or not.

The 'true colors' never shine through.   Furthermore, she'll never change her views - not even for a billion bucks.   Headstrong, mule-faced, both right and left-winged supporting pointed beak. Spouse beware!

Mother in Law Astrology/Horoscopes

The Aquarius Mother-in-Law - For mother in laws hatched between January 20th & February 18th.

It's not hard to guess the official planet of the Aquarius: Uranus. After all, it's where she spends her time 24/7....

Aries Mother in Law

For mother in laws hatched between March 21st & April 19th.

The official planet for the Aries mother in law is Mars, the man-planet. Perhaps it's where the Aries mother in law perfected her overbearing demeanor . It's definitely where she assumed her official color of red, as well as where she claimed her Element of Fire. Burn, baby burn.

Gemini Mother in Law

For mother in laws hatched between May 21st & June 21st.

The Gemini mother in law enjoys learning all that she can about her new daughter or son in law. All the delicate information is stored in her data base for future use, if necessary.

The Gemini mother in law tends to become bored easily, prompting situations which might result as a change in mid-stream...

Leo Mother in Law

For mother in laws hatched between July 23rd & August 22nd.

The Leo mother in law tends to be explosive and may say and do things that may be hard to dismiss.

Although she is generally warm-hearted, these explosive episodes may leave claw marks too deep to allow total forgiveness....

Libra Mother in Law

For mother in laws hatched between September 23rd & October 22nd.

The Libra mother in law is THE social butterfly. She loves life, nature and most importantly, her offspring.

Unfortunately, that love doesn't generally extend to her offspring's spouse. However, because of her intense need for objects that do nothing more than collect dust, she generally tolerates them (i.e. her offspring's spouse)....

Sagittarius Mother in Law

For mother in laws hatched between October 23rd & November 21st.

The Sagittarius mother in law's official planet is Pluto - the recently defunked celestial body that isn't even a planet anymore. Her official Element is water, mostly in the form of wringing tears from her in-laws in an effort to get her way.

Mother in Law Poems

A collection of Mother in Law poems dedicated to those who suffer from mean mother in law encounters - by Sharen Taylor Griffin.

The Prince, The Princess & The Mother-In-Law - It could have been a marriage made in heaven if not for the Mama....

The Official Mother in Law Manual

What is a mother in law?  Once you have a mother in law, what do you do with it?  What is a mother in law's habitat?

What do mother in laws feed on?  Are mother in laws all bad? If you aren't satisfied with your mother in law, can you take it back?

Mother in Law House Plan

Looking for a nifty house plan for your mother in law?

We know that finding just the right spot for a nice mother in law can be so easy - because she readily adapts and is a rather loving, cherished soul. She'll settle for anything that suits her children's family's needs rather than her own...

Mother in Law Index

Where do I begin, to tell a story of how crummy love can be....   And so the story goes:

If you're a good mother in law and have innocently skipped into this domain (which can at times be deservingly brutal to wayward mother in laws)   then take note that this site commends you for being a total angel!   You have heart...

Holidays With Mother in Law

Is your Thanksgiving a mixed blessing? Do you and your wife or husband often fret over where you should spend the holidays? Here are a few tips that just might help...

If you are one of the fortunate couples to have at least one set of friendly, comfy in-laws, then that's reason enough to celebrate!  

Mother Goof

Parenting Advice for Human Moms & Human Dads, Too!


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